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Dominican Republic | access_time October 15 2018
The application of the Educating to Remember program continues in the Dominican Republic. Hundreds of students receive training for peace.
Panama | access_time August 27 2018
The José Dolores Moscote Institute in the District of Panama calls the GEAP for the fulfillment of 3 student peace proposals.
In history classes, six workshops were held where 87 peace proposals by the students of the Bilingual International Institute were created.
708 students and 12 teachers were sensitized regarding the importance of ethical, moral and spiritual values.
El Salvador | access_time May 23 2018
With the aim of promoting actions for the respect of human dignity, the GEAP in El Salvador executes proposals for peace.
Dominican Republic | access_time May 18 2018
The educational workshops are taught by secondary school students in order to contribute to the teaching of values and human rights.
El Salvador | access_time May 15 2018
The peace proposals executed are the result of the Educational Workshop "Educating to Remember" held on March 16, 2018.
El Salvador | access_time May 04 2018
The soccer tournament for peace managed to impact 200 people, including high school students, teachers, and peace activists.
The proposals allowed the students to take actions for the defense of human rights and respect for human dignity.
Puerto Rico | access_time April 26 2018
Humanism, compassion, integrity, right to education and the right to freedom were some of the concepts that volunteer activists from the GEAP shared with the students of the Ruth Evelyn Cruz Santos...
More than 400 students from different institutions in El Salvador attend the educational workshops given by the GEAP.
Activists for peace developed Educating to Remember Workshops in five schools in Veracruz and Coahuila.