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El Salvador | access_time June 15 2018
Health institutions in El Salvador and the GEAP promoted a culture of voluntary blood donation during a parade.
El Salvador | access_time June 14 2018
The event was held at the ISNA headquarters of Colonia Costa Rica and was attended by ISNA employees at Soyapango and Santa Ana.
El Salvador | access_time May 23 2018
With the aim of promoting actions for the respect of human dignity, the GEAP in El Salvador executes proposals for peace.
El Salvador | access_time May 15 2018
Activistas himno nacional
El Salvador | access_time May 15 2018
The peace proposals executed are the result of the Educational Workshop "Educating to Remember" held on March 16, 2018.
The proposals allowed the students to take actions for the defense of human rights and respect for human dignity.
El Salvador | access_time May 04 2018
colegio Maiti
El Salvador | access_time May 04 2018
The soccer tournament for peace managed to impact 200 people, including high school students, teachers, and peace activists.