Workshops: Panamanian students present 695 peace proposalsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Workshops: Panamanian students present 695 peace proposals


695 peace proposals were presented from July 23 to 25, by the students of the José Dolores Moscote Institute, as a result of 29 educational workshops given by the facilitators of the Educating to Remember Program.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) develops this program to strengthen the practice of actions of respect for universal rights and human dignity, based on the study of the history of the Holocaust and other genocides.

The educational establishment, located in the Lefevre Park Corregimiento, district of Panama, assumed the commitment to carry out the fulfillment of 3 peace proposals, which were selected by the director of the institution, Luz Johnson de Camaño.

During the educational workshops, 708 students and 12 teachers were sensitized regarding the importance of ethical, moral and spiritual values. Likewise, it reflected on the consequences of intolerance, hatred, discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes that may trigger an offense against the human family.

Execution and development of proposals

From August 3 to 7, the students carried out the execution of the 3 selected proposals, with the support of teachers, directors, and volunteers of GEAP:

  • Steven Toleno, of 11th grade, proposed a dramatization of the practice of Human Rights.

  • Roxana Hernández, 10th grade, devised the creation of a forum cinema: Audiovisual presentation on Human Rights, documentary "Children of Syria: A childhood between bullets".

  • Irany Earl, of the 12th grade, planned an informative first aid talk, with the purpose of providing primary attention to the neighbor. The exhibition was dictated by José Rivera, member of the Academy of the Benemérito Fire Department of Panama Centro.

The directors of the institute, satisfied with the Educating to Remember educational workshops, agreed to execute 3 more proposals to strengthen the change of mentality in students regarding respect, human dignity, and Human Rights.


access_time Tuesday, August 7, 2018