Training workshops for the youth begins on the third day of the International Conference, “Music Bringing Peace and Joy to our Hearts”.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Training workshops for the youth begins on the third day of the International Conference, “Music Bringing Peace and Joy to our Hearts”.


On September 28, 2015 in Valencia, Venezuela, to the rhythm of charango, harp and flute the training workshops for 5000 youths attending the International Youth Encounter “Music Bringing Peace and Happiness to our Hearts” began.

Youths from different participating countries massively attended this Encounter, where they received training through different workshops that took place throughout the entire event.

With an explanatory video, the general structure of the project “The Power of Music for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being” and its scope was explained, followed by a documentary, results of the investigation made by Rebekah Branham about music and its origins.

“The power of music in the education of the human being (soul, spirit and body)”

With the theme "The power of music in the education of the Integral Human Being (soul, spirit and body)", Joel Lara Medrano spoke of four major aspects of the importance of knowing the value of music, its direct relationship with the soul, spirit and body; as well as the power of music in education.

The development of the exhibition focused on:


1. The power of music in the integral human being (soul, spirit and body).

2. Study and analysis of the power of music in education.

3. Music as a universal language.

4. And the effect of the masses.


"Music is a power, a power that goes into the soul of the individual. There is no other power that reaches as far inside the human being. 

And if we combine education with music: it enters the heart, the soul of the person, an education that will produce positive results in the human being. Because after it enters the soul, it is going to germinate there, and then it will leave there through the senses of the spirit and the senses of the body in good fruits, if what is sowed was good seed," quoted by Dr. William Soto Santiago.

From his intervention, it is possible to conclude that while music is a power with diverse effects in the heart, spirit and body of the person, it is important to work with present and future generations so that music contains positive messages, with the purpose of educating in principles and values. On the other hand, regardless of nationality, beliefs, language or culture, music as a universal language communicates positive or negative message through rhythm, lyrics and harmony that want to be embedded, and which are captured by those who listen to it even if they are not knowledgeable or experts in musical topics.

The frequency of Peace

International Coordinator of the project, Jose Guillermo Rivera, conducted the second workshop and in his speech he pointed out, among other things, the historical origin of a change in the frequency of music at a global level, the effects of 440Hz frequency, as opposed to the benefits of what this project that has called the frequency of Peace or of 432Hz.

In his lecture, quoting Dr. Soto:  

"All things have a formation in which they emit audible and non-audible noises to the human ear, which, if we analyze with them with the score, we can then see what the rhythm, melody, frequency and all of these things are; because there is nothing that has life that does not produce a sound (…) Everything that has life, has music".

And that was how, with sounds captured by NASA, he demonstrated that even the moon, the sun and the earth emit sounds.

According to his research, he told attendees that in the 1930’s there was a request for a change of frequency to 440Hz; this request was approved in 1955 by the International Organization for Standardization.

"So that music speaks to us, it has to respond to something within our being, it has to vibrate at the same frequency as our emotions. A person responds to the music to which they are synchronized with; and on the other hand, the music that the person produces reveals who they are”, citing Rebekah Branham (1991).”

According to Mr. Rivera, the investigations carried out by experts say that there is indeed an alteration in the human and natural system of our environment when playing inharmonious melodies or of a different frequency. The results of these investigations indicate that the frequency of 432Hz, in contrast, is more in accordance with the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of individuals that listen to it.

Composers, writers and musicians have a responsibility to promote music that will produce positive results in people, and that is in harmony with Mother Earth.