THE GLOBAL EMBASSY OF ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE launched its international project “The Power of Music for peace and happiness for the Integral Human Being.”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

THE GLOBAL EMBASSY OF ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE launched its international project “The Power of Music for peace and happiness for the Integral Human Being.”


In its mission to work towards the peace of the human family, promoting the formation of integral human being, Dr. William Soto, through the GLOBAL EMBASSY OF ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE (GEAP), prepared a new project that seeks to primarily address the youths well-being. The project, called "The Power of Music for Peace and Happiness for the Integral Human Beings”, had its official launch in the city of Valencia, Carabobo, state in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The project has among its objectives to raise awareness among individuals and societies on the importance of producing and listening to music with positive messages that reach the soul of human beings. Music that will educate and form values, ethical and moral principles, in present and future generations.

Young activists responded massively to the call of the Ambassador. 

Over 5,000 youth representatives from Latin America, the Caribbean, United States, Europe and Africa, arrived to Valencia, Venezuela ready to take on the new project that the GLOBAL EMBASSY OF ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE prepared to impact the hearts and minds of the humans beings.

The International Youth Encounter "Music Bringing Peace and Happiness to Our Hearts" was carried out from September 26, through September 29, 2015, and  brought together, among its assistants, musicians, singers, sound engineers, orchestra directors and arrangers who prepared themselves in training sessions with workshops on the power of music in the education of the integral human being, the frequency of Peace 432 Hertz, musical genres and their origins, the influence of music in the history of mankind, and music as transmitter of values.

Present at the event were Dr. William Soto Santiago, CEO of the Organization and ideologist of the project; Ms. Gabriela Lara, General Director; International Coordinator of the GEAP, Miguel Bermudez; Ms. Ruth Florez, International Youth Movement; Ms. Ruth Soto, Manager of Administration and Finance; and all national coordinators, where the GEAP has representation worldwide, were present at the event.

The proposal that will make music an effective tool to educate the integral human being in values

Aware of the deterioration in values ​​of today's youth and worried about the Peace and happiness of the human family, Dr. William Soto began by stating the need to include the teaching of music in education institutions; considering that this is a quick and effective tool to sow and reap good values ​​from that seed that grows in the hearts of young people.

"It is important that the power of music is used in a responsible and safe manner in order to protect the human family from the damages that the misuse of the power of music can cause."

"Music is a power that transforms societies ..." also expressed the Ambassador of Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, and that is way he emphasized on the positive or negative effects of the sung message that enters through the senses of the body to the deepest part of the heart of the human being, and is then reflected in actions.