The International Youth Encounter “Music Bringing Peace and Happiness to Our Hearts” ends with Great Success.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The International Youth Encounter “Music Bringing Peace and Happiness to Our Hearts” ends with Great Success.


During the last section of the Encounter, youths actively participated in topics that were developed throughout the day. On that last day, Professor Osmin Rodriguez, Martin Franco and Williams Romero were in charge of the training workshops.

The facilitators of the project, "The Power of Music for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being" took a journey through mankind’s history. Martin Franco created a timeline and at each point, he highlighted the musical changes of historical periods up to the present era.

The archaic music, music in Greece, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque music, the eighteenth century Classicism, Romanticism and the twentieth century were some of the most central issues. Being equally important to point out characters like Martin Luther or the African musical influence in the West.

One conclusion of his workshop indicates that "Musical response has a vast scope of human experience and offers very interesting perspectives for understanding both the nature of musical stimuli such as human reaction that is inevitably exposed to them".

During the day, Professor Osmin Rodriguez spoke about musical genres and characteristics within each of them; predominant musical instruments according to the classification and the main exponents. Some of the genres discussed included jazzbluesrock and rollrap and reggaeton; using the piano to give clearer examples of the musical differences.

Young people become aware that music is a universal transmitter of values

For Williams Romero, in accordance with Dr. William Soto’s philosophy, music has the value of life. It is impossible to think of a society in movement or a planet Earth that generates life every day, without considering that every aspect of daily life has its own sound and its own pulse. 

Within the Project: The Power of Music for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being, the vital importance to channel music to achieve effects that are of benefit to the individual, family, society and harmony with Mother Earth, is projected. 

"Today's society is one of the most aggressive in history. Violence is one of the problems that society faces today; a situation is evidenced by the figures obtained by the World Health Organization (WHO), from which can be stated that the increase in violence is a serious global problem."

In his presentation, Mr. Romero emphasized, with examples, how music has a national or patriotic sense, how it contributes to emerge solidarity between individuals or awaken love between people; but he also exposed a negative reality as to the reasons why music is currently considered an art that is becoming less art; increasingly more aggressive, empty, and produced to satisfy temporary needs.

At the end of the workshops, the CEO of the GEAP thanked Venezuela for their hospitality and said: “We want to have positive music for positive results of peace, love and happiness.  The experience in Venezuela is completely positive.”

With the presentation of the Symphony Orchestra of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace the official Youth Meeting which brought together cultures in one universal language came to an end.

Under the direction of Professor Osmin Rodriguez, the baton marked the beginning of the musical notes performed by more than 40 youths that came from different countries; all called to form the Symphony Orchestra of the Global Embassy of Activist for Peace.

Language, nationality or culture were not obstacle when creating a united group of young musicians, that led by scores, performed 20 musical pieces in time with the director;  including "Lamento Borincano", "Libre" and "Alma Llanera". All musical arrangements made by Professor Osmin Rodriguez.

The tuning of the instruments in the frequency of Peace and the interpretation of notes with positive messages, led to the conclusion, in the notes of the Symphony, that music is a Power that transforms attitudes, feelings and actions.

A symphony orchestra is the best example of leadership, discipline, solidarity, respect and unity that may exist, said the CEO of the GEAP at the end of the concert.

In a symbolic act, and in appreciation for the efforts the youths made to get to Valencia to join the orchestra, Professor Osmin Rodriguez gave the baton to Dr. William Soto, and there, and in a sustained musical note, the orchestra sounded until the signal of silence was marked.