A space for music during the 1st National World Youth MovementGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

A space for music during the 1st National World Youth Movement



On April 6, 2018, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace held the second day of the Encounter within the framework of the launch of its most recent project: The World Youth Movement.

The opening of the activities was led by the executive president of the GEAP, Dr. William Soto, calling upon Brazilian youths and all the young volunteers who are part of the Global Movement of the GEAP:

"It is important that they assume the great power they have but, at the same time, the great responsibility of directing that power to work for justice, respect and the defense of human rights. You can transform the world and make it a place of peace and happiness for the human family." - Dr. William Soto Santiago

The power of music as an effective instrument to comprehensively train youth

The youths gathered in São Paulo, through different workshops, were sensitized about the transcendental power that music has in all living beings and their influence on the integral human being, through comprehensive training for effective execution and compliance of the objectives of the international project "OSEMAP FOR THE HARMONY, WELFARE AND HAPPINESS OF THE HUMAN FAMILY".

The OSEMAP project seeks to promote music as a science and as an art that contributes to the health and well-being of all people. In that sense, the general director, Gabriela Lara, in the introduction to this topic said that the GEAP is forming orchestras in different countries to bring messages of love, faith and hope, in order to generate positive attitudes and motivation in people who are in vulnerable conditions.

Music and the integral human being

Music, as a power, also has the power to transmit its message directly to the heart of the human being through the senses of the physical body, therefore, it is a message that goes from the heart of the composer to the heart of the people.

For this reason, music is linked to the lyrics that come with it, it constitutes a power that can educate, teach and transmit personal and social values, benefiting the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the person.

In the musical workshop, the power of music was also exposed in the three components of the human being: in the physical body, music produces therapeutically healing, physiological changes in the organism, contributes to DNA regeneration and gives physical agility. In the mind or spirit, music opens the mind, it develops memory and attention, strengthens learning, develops affective and psychological processes. In the heart or soul, music can skip the process of reflection and analysis, which means that it is not reasoned.

The GEAP World Youth Movement is directing youth towards integral peace, so that it builds and produces positive results of love, hope and faith in favor of the human family and Mother Earth.



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