Fundamentals and youth activism of positive transformational integral leadershipGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Fundamentals and youth activism of positive transformational integral leadership



The 1st National Encounter of the World Youth Movement in Brazil finalized its first day of activities between theory and practical dynamics.

Under the theme of "Integral and Transformational Youth Leadership for the Peace and Happiness of the Human Family", two simultaneous tables were held on the following topics:

Fundamentals of positive transformational integral leadership

Dr. Soto presented his proposal of positive transformational integral leadership, which is based on different basic principles that must be fulfilled by a leader. These are: recognizing their integrity, practicing coherence between what they say and what they do, forming other leaders and recognizing the importance of making correct decisions, but, above all, expressing their love for others as the main value of integral leadership.

In this work table, youth participants gathered in groups to develop dynamics where they analyzed, reflected and learned about teamwork with leadership, understanding their concept, their characteristics and personal and social values; they also studied and identified the leadership of great men who have transcended in the history of humanity.

As a result of this exercise, the participants made individual and in group reflections where they recognized the formation of the integral human being and its components: soul or heart, mind or spirit and physical body; positive people with values and principles, who practice coherence between what they feel, what they think, what they say and what they do; fundamental characteristics of a positive transformational integral leader.

Transformational integral youth activism for the improvement, happiness and peace of the human being

This parallel table reinforced the qualities of an activist and the value of volunteering. Youths were instructed in the fundamental knowledge of transformational youth integral activism, so that, from there, they can take action in favor of the improvement, well-being, happiness and peace of the human being.

With the dynamics of teamwork, team members reinforced the importance of solidarity, love, respect, coordination and how to recognize the qualities of their leader.

As conclusions, the integral activists, apart from forming their intellect and development of skills, learned to recognize and care for their body, and they emphasized on educating the heart or soul to make positive decisions for themselves and their environment.

The GEAP World Youth Movement in Brazil, in this first day of workshops, invited youths to be more positive, more proactive, to have more self-governance and to be positive, passionate about the work of volunteering within the framework of the projects that the Institution carries out and that are designed for the benefit of society.


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