Brazilian youths actively came together for integral peaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Brazilian youths actively came together for integral peace


Amid the dynamism and joy of Brazilian youths, the official launch of the World Youth Movement of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Brazil was carried out; an educational and social intervention project designed to train, form and guide young people as integral transformational leaders, so that they acquire the ability to positively influence their environment.

The event was attended by youth leaders from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Ecuador.

The opening and welcome remarks were given by the general director of the GEAP, Mrs. Gabriela Lara, and the coordination of the GEAP in Brazil, Gian del Corto.

«Youths have a great potential that should be used for the benefit of the human family. All young people have the capacity to be positive, transformational, integral leaders, everything depends on the information they receive and how this information is internalized ». Mrs. Gabriela Lara


An invitation to active youth volunteers

Palabras Miguel BermúdezThe international coordinator of the GEAP Youth Movement, Dr. Miguel Bermúdez, made a broad presentation on the current situation of society, a consequence of what he has seen or heard through the senses of the physical body. In this way, he indicated that an activation from the knowledge of the heart is important for young people to initiate a dynamic and productive exercise for the benefit of the human family and of Mother Earth.

"A youth activist can become a transformational leader who inspires and is capable of promoting changes because of their ability to influence behaviors. This increases their responsibility to act in an ethical and responsible manner, aware that self-knowledge and positive self-governance are paramount so that they can build themselves as leaders and influence others to achieve goals that produce good results. " -Dr. Miguel Bermúdez Marín

Presentation of the "Educational Theory for the Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being - WSS"

To achieve the objectives of this educational project, Dr. Soto, through a video conference presented a summary of his educational theory for the human being, which is proposed to be entirely presented in upcoming events.

Participación Dr. William SotoDr. Soto explained that the human being is composed of three components: the heart or soul, mind or spirit and physical body; the harmonious and balanced interrelation between these three components allow the development of an integral human being capable of working for justice, peace and happiness of the human family. Likewise, he emphasized that the most important component in the person is the heart or soul. This is why it is necessary for young people to take care of the information or message they receive and accept in their hearts, so that the decisions they make can be transformed into actions that impact and positively influence their environment.

At end the day, Mrs. Ruth de Bermúdez, Joel Lara and the Francisco Guerra made the presentation of objectives, goals and components that make up the GEAP Youth Movement, emphasizing that young people constitute a fundamental column in society and a pillar in the social, technological and scientific development of a nation, with multiple strengths, abilities, talents and dynamism; with the energy to transform society, the community, organizations and the world.

The GEAP Youth Movement aims for young people to develop all their abilities and skills by participating in different projects carried out by the Institution, so that they obtain the necessary knowledge as promoters of peace and social transformation, empowering their talents for the benefit of the human family and of our Mother Earth.


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