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The GEAP celebrates World Blood Donor Day in 18 states of Mexico, to promote a culture of voluntary and habitual donation.
Mexico | access_time June 05 2017
The GEAP celebrated World Environment Day in 10 states of Mexico with educational talks on the 5 environmental values.
Mexico | access_time May 31 2017
The municipal palace of Xalapa opens its doors to the Integral Program of Blood Donation: Life is in the Blood.
Called upon by the GEAP, the Police Academy of the Tabasco State gathered academics, policemen, and cadets during the Judicial Forum.
 The GEAP signed agreements with different institutions of Tamaulipas in order to promote a voluntary blood donation culture.  
Law professionals presented various topics in the 1st judicial forum, where educational institutions signed an agreement with the GEAP.
The GEAP attended the "Meeting of Leaders of Higher Education of the American Continent" organized by the Rectors Association.