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Veracruz municipal Presidency


Activista Donando Sangre

With the purpose of contributing to the formation of a voluntary, altruist and regular safe blood donation culture, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, carried out a blood donation marathon on May 30 and 31.

These campaigns were made as part of the Integral Program: Life is in the Blood, which seeks to increase the active and efficient participation of the citizens with the goal of guarantying the blood supply and its components to very one who needs it.

The activity was developed in the cabildo hall of the municipal palace of Xalapa, Veracruz and had an assistance of 180 people and the presence of personalities of the health field.


A solidary act

Americo Zuñiga, municipal president of Xalapa, in his participation mentioned that the GEAP in Mexico has met with a Government of collaboration, health institutions and a higher education willing to collaborate in all the projects.

On his behalf, Gabriel Morales in representation of the manager of the Health Commission, said in his presentation:

«A very important event it’s being carried out, both for City Hall as the GEAP; to us as authorities it helps us to make closer the programs that have benefits for the population in general, among all in the health area», he ended.

During the marathons 30 people signed to donate blood voluntarily, resulting in 10 effective units. 

Collaboration agreement

Firma de Convenio Emap con Municipio Xalapa

In order to close the activities, the signing of a collaboration agreement between the municipal president of Xalapa, Americo Zuñiga, the city council official, Michelle Servin and Francisco Guerra, national coordinator of the GEAP in Mexico.

The municipal president of Xalapa, Americo Zuñiga, after sealing the compromise with the GEAP said:

“I celebrate that we are in the signing of this document, because it is a document approved by the Cabildo, it has passed by the Honorable State Congress and today it materializes to strengthen every one of the schemes so we have continuous, coordinated and combined collaboration”, he finalized.



access_time Wednesday, May 31, 2017