Institutions join the recruitment of voluntary blood donorsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Institutions join the recruitment of voluntary blood donors


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Argentina, as part of the 11th International Marathon of the Integral Blood Donation Program: Life is in the Blook, carried out in March different sensitization activities and recruitment of voluntary donors.

The activities had the participation of several institutions in the health area, such as the Regional Hemotherapy Center of Mendoza and the Hemotherapy Service of the Municipal Hospital "Dr. Hector Cura" of Olavarría.

The Ministry of Health also participated through the nursing and primary care departments of Olavarría and the Hemocentro Municipal of Córdoba.

seguridad de la sangre
Obtaining self-sufficiency, availability and safety of blood and blood components

The facilitators of the GEAP in the community scope of the Communicational Education Program (PEC VIDA), held talks and handed out informative flyers with the purpose of increasing the active and effective participation of the citizens in this altruistic act of blood donation.

For this work the Paseo de la Salud was used, a trailer located in Parque Miter de Olavarría, a pedestrian zone and public spaces. The attention and awareness of 1,642 people was achieved.



Contribution of the media

In each activity the media was present, as a favorable tool for the dissemination and awareness of the voluntary, altruistic and habitual donation of safe blood.

The media that covered the events were:

  • Radio "Estudio Cooperativa" 97.1.
  • Radio Program: "Otro rollo", FM 89.5 "Del Sol".
  • Local channel El Popular and El Popular newspaper.
  • Program: "Mejor de Mañana", Radio 98 Pop.

With the awareness programs and the invitation of the media, a total of 5 days was carried out, with 132 effective units, 35 in Mendoza, 28 in Olavarría and 69 in Córdoba.


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