Argentina: Blood drives supply health centersGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Argentina: Blood drives supply health centers


Volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) from the city of Olavarría, in coordination with the Hemotherapy Service of the Dr. Hector Cura Municipal Hospital, carried out a blood drive at the San José Cultural Center on December 11, with a total of 28 effective units reached that were destined to the blood bank of this health center.

Donante de sangre
Be a hero for people who need periodic blood transfusions

This solidarity drive is part of the 10th International Marathon "Life is in the Blood" which was made up of awareness talks, delivery of informative material on the importance of blood donation, as well as the registration and participation of voluntary donors.

For its part, radio station El Sol 89.5 supported the activity through an interview on the program "Otro Rollo", where Laura Cardoso, specialist in Hematology, spoke about this altruistic act. Also, Radio Cadena 103.1 informed the community about the event. The newspaper El Popular also joined the coverage.

Concientización de donantes
Regular blood donation is needeed to save lives
City of Córdoba

On December 5, peace activists from the city of Córdoba celebrated the International Volunteer Day, together with the Technical Team of the Municipal Hemocenter, on the esplanade of the Mercadillo Obispo Building of the Tourism Office of the Municipality.

The day of the blood drive, which had the support of the community, resulted in 34 effective units collected. This event was covered by Channel 12 TV, during the program The Morning Show; Radio Ranchada 109.3 FM and the Municipal Press.

Similarly, on December 13, the GEAP and the Municipal Hemocenter Technical Team visited the Municipal Children's Hospital to carry out a blood donation day. The collection, which achieved a total of 47 effective units, was attended by a group of professionals and relatives of the interned children.

Donante altruista
The decision to donate blood can save up to three lives
North of Greater Buenos Aires

In the city of San Fernando, GEAP volunteers carried out the campaign to promote a blood donation day, scheduled for December 22, in coordination with the Pediatric Hospital "Prof. Dr. Juan Pedro Garrahan".

The donation activity was carried out at the headquarters of the Red Cross, where information brochures were also delivered. The site was attended by 15 voluntary donors, of which 9 were effective.


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