Preparations begin for the 6th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Preparations begin for the 6th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”


Through talks, trainings, advertising posters and visits to the media, the importance of being a voluntary donor was reported. Buenos Aires, Olavarría, Azul, Lomas de Zamora, Resistencia, Chaco, Mendoza and Córdoba, were the cities where the GEAP volunteers informed the community about the 6th International Blood Drive Marathon: "Life is in the Blood", during the months of September and October 2015, for the month of November to start with the blood drives in all the country.

In order to raise awareness on the importance and benefits of being a voluntary donor, information stands were placed on different public roads with a greater number of people, to raise awareness of the issue and invite them to participate to be part of the solution of the national problem, to increase the percentage that currently exists with respect to the number of donors in Argentina.

Blood drives that sow solidarity and increase figures

According to an article published in the newspaper La Nación the percentage of donors in Argentina is 1.5%, for this reason the GEAP through informative talks and weekly training, seeks to educate society in relation to blood donation, with the purpose that they become aware and join the 6th. Marathon; and in this way increase the percentage of voluntary donors and contribute to the welfare of the human family.


Trainings that donate life

The weekly trainings were carried out in different points of the city, starting at the Hemotherapy Center of Mendoza, an institution under the Ministry of Health, with doctors specialized in the subject of blood donation. Similarly, in the tourist center of Mendoza received information and a large number of people entered the database to participate in the days of November.


Invitation to donate life

The pedestrian Resistencia, the pedestrian Sarmiento de Mendoza, the city of Posadas in conjunction with the Delegation of Itaembe Mini, the city of Olavarría, the province of Chaco, the Health Expo next to the Argentinian Children’s Hospital and the PAMI group No Me Olvides, were scenarios where peace activists distributed leaflets and advertising posters were placed, inviting citizens to the 6th. International Marathon.

Awareness talks

In educational institutions, companies like Allus Global BPO showed great receptivity for the issue of blood donation, assuming a commitment to participate in the conferences that will be held in the month of November in the Argentine nation, which starts with responsibility on the part of the communities that will become heroes by donating blood for those who need it.

Media supported the initiative

Through the press, radio and television, GEAP volunteers disseminated information and invited the 6th International Marathon; they also announced that the process to donate blood is very simple, they talked about the requirements to donate blood, and they said that by taking the decision to take that step they are showing love, solidarity, brotherhood and kindness for their peers. 

Solidarity days before the 6th. International Marathon

On September 9 and 10, blood drives were developed; the first was carried out at the Chaco Regional Hemotherapy Center, and then another activity was carried out jointly with the Ministry of Health and the Posadas Hospital in Buenos Aires; reaching a great receptivity on the part of the Argentines, who said “present” and donated the sap of life.