The GEAP forms multipliers of good actionsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP forms multipliers of good actions


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, held the Encounter of Youth Leaders for Peace, at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), Valle Dorado Campus.

The event was supported by the Municipal Youth Institute of Ensenada (Imjuvenos), with the assistance of more than 300 people; Including youth leaders, teachers and students.

Juan Maass, director of the Jalisco Institute for Youth and member of the Council of the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJUVE) were present; Jesús Elizondo, director of Fuerza Joven Nuevo León; and René Cardona, director of the Municipal Youth Institute of Ensenada.

Nina Martínez, coordinator of Cultural Diffusion and Social Communication was present on behalf of Mónica Lacabex Berum, director of the Faculty of Administrative and Social Sciences; Also, Guillermo Gutierrez, undersecretary of the XXII City Hall of the city; And representatives of the GEAP.

The welcome words were given by Nina Martinez, who mentioned in her address:

“What better space, specifically, for reflection on life than the university; which within its principles is motivating the lead role of young people and the integral formation of life as a whole".

Guillermo Gutiérrez, who expressed his gratitude to the GEAP for leading young people in important events that write the history of Ensenada, said: "A youth full of leaders that allows Mexico to remain a full developing country."

Development and exhibitions

René Cardona, in his presentation "Youth on the march as instrument of peace for the human family and Mother Earth," spoke about the value of time. On this subject, he said: "If human beings knew that time is the only nonrenewable unit with which we count, the world would be something else altogether."

"There is a word that has taken a surprising boom in my way of seeing and acting; This word can be seen in many topics of conversation with our friends and acquaintances, media and as a topic of general interest for society: Entrepreneurship and social peace", said Juan Maass.

Jesús Salazar spoke on "Youth competitiveness and the solution to the challenges of the 21st century". In his presentation, said that peace is not only the absence of war, according to his opinion, it is a mentality and an attitude that should be practiced. He added that it is important to be the solution and not the problem.

Salazar added: "Mexico currently has a larger demographic number of youth in history, and it will likely not happen again in a long time. This brings a great opportunity where we can demonstrate the Mexican capacity. It is a country that can give so much, and this, thanks to its young people".

Loyda Santiago, with her message "Youth, fertile field to be sowed the seed of peace," commented: "We must learn to make decisions using the heart. Because if we sow positive things in it, the heart will send that information to the whole body seeking harmony."

In the same way, Santiago explained that it must be recognized that the true origin of emotional reactions is not in what happens outside but inside.

Signing of the collaboration agreement

To conclude this meeting, the protocol was signed by the signing of the agreement of the GEAP, the Municipal Institute of Youth of Tecate, the Municipal Institute of Youth of Ensenada and the Municipal Institute of Youth of Rosarito.






access_time Thursday, February 16, 2017