The GEAP and the Central American Parliament sign a cooperation agreementGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP and the Central American Parliament sign a cooperation agreement

Dominican Republic

Document signed at the XXVI Central American and Caribbean Conference of Political Parties

In an act during the celebration of the PARLACEN 2018 Annual Regional Forums, held in the Dominican Republic, an inter-institutional cooperation agreement was signed between Tony Raful Tejada, president of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), and Gabriela Lara, Director General of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP).

In this same scenario, Luis Almagro, secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), signed an agreement with PARLACEN for the development of joint work on innovation, accountability, and connection with citizens.

entrega invitacion CUMIPAZ 2018 al PARLACEN

The representatives of GEAP and PARLACEN signed the agreement with the aim of establishing a relationship for mutual cooperation in the field of their competences, in order to develop programs and projects focused on the promotion, dissemination, and protection of human rights and the Rights of Mother Earth.

To achieve the objective of the Agreement, cooperation will be aimed at creating, consolidating and developing spaces, programs and projects tending to institutionalize the socioeconomic, political, cultural and environmental research of Central American integration.

Likewise, spaces for reflection and consultation with civil society organizations, government agencies, and international cooperation will be promoted and facilitated; exchange of experiences in areas of common interest to strengthen sustainable development processes and good public management practices in the area of international cooperation.

The GEAP and PARLACEN will develop a planning process of the actions to be executed in the long, medium and short-term; in which the objectives, strategic actions, expected results, responsibilities of each one of the parties, among other agreements will be consigned.


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