Activists from more than 40 cities in Mexico promoted solidarity and altruism with the blood drive marathonGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Activists from more than 40 cities in Mexico promoted solidarity and altruism with the blood drive marathon


The Activists for Peace in Mexico gave the official opening in the capital of the state of Tamaulipas, of the 3rd International blood drive Marathon “Life is in the Blood”; considering that during 2013 the percentage of altruistic donation of blood in Mexico was 2%.

In the "Alvaro Obregon" industrial enclosure of Ciudad Victoria, this call was opened by means of a formal ceremony, attended by the Director of the State Blood Transfusion Center, Dr. Juana María Cárdenas; the Academic Director of Health Sciences of the Valle de México University, Dr. José Daniel Llanas Rodríguez; and the coordinator of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in Mexico, Mr. Francisco Guerra.

More than 40 cities in the Mexican Republic accepted the invitation, where volunteers set out to promote a culture of altruistic donation of voluntary blood, managing to summon 5,119 people who came to donate this vital liquid, which despite scientific and technological advances it can be manufactured and only obtained through another human being.

The logistics of this mission included various forms of work, among which we can highlight walks and parades, cultural and artistic representations, promotion through banners, canvases, songs and phrases concerning the subject of blood donation. This movement was joined by medical personnel from different institutions, invited schools, representatives of universities, people from other organizations, the media and the community in general.

The streets, shopping centers, educational institutions, businesses, churches and massive concerts were invaded with fences and flyers inviting the largest number of people to the drives that would be taking place in the different places of the Mexican Republic, raising awareness about the importance of becoming a frequent donor, and the benefits they can receive in terms of personal health, but above all, emphasizing the act of solidarity and love towards others.

Questions were dissipated regarding some myths that exist in this topic, such as "the transmission of diseases due to blood collection material", clarifying that the material is new, sterile and disposable; thus encouraging the population to be better informed, to assist the donation points with confidence.

The result obtained were 3,235 effective units, to be used by the different health, public and private institutions, which was obtained throughout the country during the marathon.

Participating in the solution of a need for health and at the same time becoming a positive force, which works in favor of the human family, in a responsible and fun way, was possible in this campaign in the Aztec country.

Health institutions that participated in this campaign: the Ministry of Health, the National Blood Transfusion Center, the Red Cross, the Social Security Institute, the University Hospital, the San José del Tecsalud Hospital in Monterrey, the OCA Hospital , Doctors Hospital, Swiss Hospital, Nogalar Surgical Center, Bioanalysis and Hematology Services, General Hospital of Tabasco, Dr. Alfredo Pumarejo General Hospital in Matamoros, the General Hospital of Gómez Palacio and Durango, among others.