Training and marathon! The GEAP increases citizen participationGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Training and marathon! The GEAP increases citizen participation

El Salvador

Through the Integral Program "Life is in the Blood” volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in El Salvador, conducted an awareness campaign from July 17 to 24, in health centers that are part of the National Network of Blood Banks.

Five sensitization and training sessions were held with the aim of uniting wills and strengthening ties of cooperation between institutions committed to raising blood. In addition, they promoted the principle of love for others and universal values so that blood donation is seen as a solitary and responsible act, and in turn, increase citizen participation.

This activity was directed to health professionals and administrative staff of the institutions. During the talks, the myths of blood donation, requirements to be a donor and the extraction process were exposed. The event ended with a question and answer session.

Sesiones educativas
Educational Sessions in El Salvador
Military Hospital of El Salvador

On July 31, they visited the blood bank of the Military Hospital of El Salvador. The activity was attended by health personnel and the general public, who assumed the responsibility of helping society through this act of love that allows them to save lives.

Salvadorans donate the sap of life

As part of the 10th International Marathon "In the Blood is Life", on July 23, the GEAP organized a blood donation campaign at La Voz de la Piedra Angular Auditorium, located in Ilopango.

The blood drive was held in order to guarantee the supply of blood and blood components to all those who require it. In addition to, foster a culture of voluntary, altruistic and habitual donation of safe blood in the community.

76 pints

The blood drive that reached a total of 76 effective blood units, had the support of the Rosales National Hospital, which is part of the National Network of Blood Banks of the Ministry of Health.

During the blood collection children received a didactic talk about the importance of donating blood; they participated in the face painting area, colored together with the clowns and learned about universal values (solidarity, fraternity, kindness and responsibility).


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