“A TRACE OF THE TRACES TO REMEMBER” at the Polish Embassy in VenezuelaGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

“A TRACE OF THE TRACES TO REMEMBER” at the Polish Embassy in Venezuela


Tribute was paid to Ms. Nusia Wacher, Holocaust survivor, in Caracas, Venezuela at the Polish Embassy headquarters in Venezuela, and with the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Poland, Piotr Kaszuba, and the Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), Dr. William Soto.

Representatives of the Jewish Community, the diplomatic corps of Poland and the national coordination of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in Venezuela, prepared this act; relatives of Ms. Nusia Wacher, who is a Holocaust survivor based in Venezuela for more than 50 years, and who is the first person in that country to be exalted with the “Traces to Remember” Project, also attended the event.

Due to the reduced space in the Consulate of Poland, a wooden plaque was designed stamped with photographs of the unveiling of the “Traces to Remember” Plaque and the text printed on it; in which it gives a summary of the story of survival of Mrs. Nusia Wacher.

The Polish Ambassador in Venezuela, Piotr Kaszuba, opened the ceremony with welcoming remarks, thanking for the assistance of all and especially Dr. William Soto, and stressed that these “Traces of the Traces to Remember” will be something that will always be Exhibited at the Consulate of Poland, so that all who go can have a testimony of courage and life of Mrs. Nusia Wacher. In addition, Ambassador Kaszuba testified that his wife’s family were also victims of the Holocaust, so he and his family are honored to participate in this GEAP project.

Dr. William Soto Santiago reminded the purpose of the project “Traces to Remember,” emphasizing that education and remembrance of this fact will allow a continued construction of a world of peace and solidarity, avoiding genocide and crimes against humanity.

Afterward, all the guests shared a social moment, in which Mrs. Nusia Wacher was given recognitions, and protocol signatures were made to bear witness of the acceptance by the Polish Embassy of the project “Traces to Remember.”