Inauguration of the monument "Traces to Remember" in the public square of Cuidad de las EsculturasGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Inauguration of the monument "Traces to Remember" in the public square of Cuidad de las Esculturas

Resistencia, el Chaco, Argentina

April 30, 2014

As part of the "Traces to Remember" project, the plaque of Holocaust survivor Irene Schwimmer Korytnicki was installed next to the Holocaust Memorial in the plaza the 9th of July, which contains the families and her palm prints.

The exhibition "Traces to Remember" was held earlier in the month of April at the Centennial Dome.

At the event, the Chief of Staff of the Municipality of Resistencia, Leandro Zdero, said that they  are proud to have in the city the presence of a woman with the strength of Mrs. Irene, an example of overcoming; he stressed the necessity that children and young people know this stage that marked humanity; he expressed:

"So in particular two key thanks on behalf of the people and government of the city of Resistencia: To you, for the wonderful job that you do in all of Latin America, and for the message that you have left in the month of April to all the youth in our city. And in particular thank you, to you, Irene, and to your whole family, because the children and young, and families that travel through Plaza 9 de Julio, are going to be able to see in your palm prints the message of tolerance, love, the diversity. I think that is noteworthy."

Dr. William Soto announced the beginning of the project and highlighted the fact that Argentina is the first country to place the plaque of a survivor as a monument, he said:

At first glance it may seem that "Traces to Remember" focuses on the Holocaust and on the testimony of the survivor, but it is actually a project directed to the whole human race, in order to protect the fundamental rights and ensure that every individual becomes a guarantor of life and the dignity of every man, women, and child living on planet Earth.

I appreciate the initiative of Mrs. Intendenta, represented by architect Leandro Zdero, Chief of Municipal Cabinet of Resistencia, for placing on this iconic public square the representative Monument of the project. Argentina is the first country in which this Monument is placed and precisely in Resistencia, the "Capital of Sculptures."

As part of the official presentation of the plaque, Mrs. Irene expressed some touching words: "God left me, -as they say- because I am a believer, to tell everyone what they do not know because many do not know, there are many young people who know nothing. The other day I was speaking to some young people. They were grateful because they knew nothing. And it is very important for them to know because they are organizing again; and they liked that. That massacre that took place, was not war, it was killing; they went directly to taking out all the families from their homes and took them to kill them, to be gasified. I lost all my family...everything: my father, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, everything - everything, I am the only one left. So this is why I say: thank you to those who join me today and who see me. Thank you very much to all."

The Monument "Traces to Remember" becomes part of the sculpture circuit of the city of Resistencia, National Capital of Sculpture", which is visited annually by thousands of sculptors in different events, the main one: the International Gathering of Sculptors, held every two years in the country and is attended by sculptors from around the world.