International launch of the musical project: OSEMAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

International launch of the musical project: OSEMAP

From the Eagles College theater in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and through a live broadcast, more than 13,000 activists witnessed the launch of the most recent musical project led by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.
"OSEMAP, for the harmony, well-being and happiness of the human family" is a project of worldwide importance that is part of the program The Power of Music for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being; program that had its official launch in Venezuela in 2015 (see related note).

A social project that benefits the human family

“The world needs a change, and to make that change, we have music, which can bring tranquility and harmony to the heart; an excellent instrument which broadens the mind and allows people from all over the world to connect with each other, regardless of their differences”, Dr. William Soto Santiago.
Dr. William Soto
Dr. William Soto in his lecture during the launching of the OSEMAP Project
With this and other reflections, Dr. William Soto, executive president of the GEAP, presented the conceptual map that is the foundation of his proposal to implement the power of music as a tool capable of generating a change in the paradigm of education of the XXI century (see complete lecture).
Also, Soto officially presented the Network of OSEMAP Orchestras and the practice of the new musical educational model, which will change the way schools teach, actively working for the health, wellbeing and harmony of the human family with action aimed at children, youths, adults and older adults that are in hospitals, homes and risk situations.

Music, a fundamental tool for an integral education

The director general of the GEAP, Mrs. Gabriela Lara, presented the objectives of this line of action that will be immediately put into practice in the five countries of the American continent and proposes, through the educational theory of Dr. Soto, impact the heart, spirit and body of the human being through the power of music.

Directora general
Director general during the official launch of the OSEMAP
Lara stated: 
“Since music is a message that directly reaches the soul or heart of the person, without the barrier of reasoning, we need to consciously use it in favor of mankind, and channel its use to help sow values and principles, as well as strengthening the harmony, wellbeing and health of the human being.”

Lines of actions that make up the GEAP musical program

1. The musical educational method WSS: It is founded on the integration of three learning components: soul or heart, spirit or mind, and physical body.
The first phase covers the two first cycles of the student (each cycle lasts 7 years).
Cycle DO: From 0 to 7 years old.
Cycle RE: From 8 to 14 years old.
Cycle MI, FA, SOL, LA, TI: From 15 to 49 years old.
Cycle DO high eighth: From 50 years old and on.
2. Ancestral indigenous music to reestablish the cultural identity of the nations: Naturally seeks to reclaim the music of indigenous peoples.
3. The frequency of peace: 432Hz: Seeks to socialize the musical pitch in LA (432Hz) because it is in harmony with the human being and nature.
4. OSEMAP, for the harmony, well-being and happiness of the human family: Network of orchestras which are to begin teaching musical activities to children, youth, adults and seniors who are in hospitals, homes and risky situations in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela (pilot countries).

For the harmony, wellbeing and happiness of the human family

Somos un equipo
Presentation of “We are a Team”
Martín Franco, Joel Lara, Guillermo Rivera and Williams Romero, coordinators of the program The Power of Music for the Peace and Wellbeing of the Integral Human Being, spoke of the contents to be developed in this project and important methodological aspects.
As a demonstration of the work the Network of Orchestras will initially carry out in the five pilot countries, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (OSEMAP), presented a complete show which proved that music, as a tool to work in favor of the happiness and peace of the human family, is truly an effective tool.


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