The GEAP socializes their projects in different Mexican institutionsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP socializes their projects in different Mexican institutions


In universities and means of communication, Activists make the different programs that the GEAP is carrying out in Mexico known

Through the volunteers that are present in the state of Veracruz and Quintana Roo, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) carried out on May 23 and 26, a socialization of the projects that currently are being developed in Mexico, before medias of communication and students of different universities.

As the presentation initiated, the GEAP was contextualized as an organization of world character, nonprofit, created in the year 2012, which arose from an inspiration of the activist for peace, Dr. William Soto Santiago, whom since various decades has lead multiple initiatives oriented in the promotion and defense of Human Rights.

The mission of the Embassy is to work for peace, progress, well-being, and happiness of the human family and of the Earth, promoting the formation of the integral human and activists for peace in the context of values and universal principles for the defense of Human and Earth Rights, through the development of initiatives, projects and campaigns targeting different areas in which human being’s develop and interact.

Medias of communication know the contribution of Peace of the GEAP

The first of the activities to reveal the advanced work by the GEAP, was realized in the city of Poza Rica of Hidalgo, in Veracruz, where local means of communication were summoned to make the different projects known.

Jose Nolasco, regional coordinator of the GEAP; Mr. Eliezer Lavoignet, regional coordinator of the Program “Children of Mother Earth;” and the local coordinator Mauro Sosmec; carried out the exposition making a special emphasis on the International Program “Children of Mother Earth,” as an example of an ecological work of citizen participation and the acknowledgment of our planet as a living being for a sustainable development.

The radio stations that attended the invitation to the round of press were: EXA FM and Radiorama. Likewise four written means of communication: El Pregonero, El Mundo, Veracruz Informa, and El Diario de Poza Rica; all belonging to the municipality.

The journalists, on their part, exposed the problem of the contamination of rivers, the deforestation, and caused fires by global warming or by people, letting us see a strong worry about the topic. Likewise, they thanked for the work and the willingness of the Embassy to diffuse their projects through informative media.

The coordinators of the GEAP, additionally extended an invitation to the Encounter of the Children of Mother Earth that will take place in Zozocolco de Hidalgo. An event in which the Original Peoples will express their cosmological vision of Mother Earth and their harmonious relationship with her, for the protection, care, and restoration of her rights; in that way, contribute to the environmental solution.

The GEAP presents its educational programs to the Quintana Roo university leaders

On the 26 of May, in the Technical University of Quintana Roo in Cancun, the second exposition of the programs of the GEAP was carried out, who's presentation showed the educational community and leaders of other universities, the educational focus of them, being a foundation for Ethnicity.

The executive president of the GEAP presents it this way:

“The educational model that I propose, must be integral and holistic for the development of the human being in fullness, and its harmonious interrelation with the human family. The process of learning is also a process of formation. As such, it must offer alternatives to the individual, to the family, and to the community, to harmonize and balance its existence in reaching for peace; interior peace, that then is reflected in a life of respectful relationship of their neighbors.”

As part of these alternatives the following programs have been developed: Life is in the Blood, Justice for Peace, Educating to Remember, and Children of Mother Earth, all focused on the achievement of peace through integral education of the human being. In the same way an International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) has been established, that gathers the centers of Superior Education on a world level.

The teachers expressed their reaction regarding the exposed propositions by the volunteers, like what was said by Mr. Eduardo Aguero, rector of the University of the East of Cancun:

“I believe it is very important and very interesting the initiative that the Embassy is taking through Dr. Soto… It seems very basic, I also agree with him, and the University of the East, being a humanistic university promotes these types of values.”

Aguero also added referring to the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood,” said:

“I liked the part of the blood donation very much, and precisely we are going to take actions along with the Embassy, probably; to take advantage of the moment to put these types of campaigns and raise awareness to our institution, and be able to put our grain of sand.”

On their part, what gathered the attention of the youth leaders the most was the presence of youth Activists with love and peace for the human being:

“Very good, very interesting. It is attractive that it be a participation taught by the youth, that the Activists be the high school youth inviting the youth of the university. It offers many opportunities so that people may get involved in different departments and there be no excuse to help, and it is very good, very hopeful,” expressed Daniela Cornejo, student leader of the University Anahuac of Cancun.


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