The GEAP participates in the Ibero-American Summit in Mexico CityGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

The GEAP participates in the Ibero-American Summit in Mexico City


The President of the Inter-American Bar Association in Mexico (BIA), Rubén Pacheco Inclán, called the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) to the Ibero-American Summit on Legal Argumentation, Human Rights and Probatory Conviction, which was held on February 21, 22, and 23, in Mexico City.

The GEAP was invited to present the Justice for Peace Program to specialists, judges, litigants, defenders and professors present. The activity was developed in the facilities of Westhill University.

José María Riobóo, rector of this house of studies, extended words of welcome and in turn gave way to the general director of the Interamerican School of Litigation, Adriana Arroyo Cuevas who gave an opening greeting.

In the activity several topics were presented, which were led by legal professionals, among them:

  • Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, professor of Philosophy of Law and director of the Chair of Legal Culture of the University of Girona, Spain.

  • Alfredo Araya Vega, superior judge of the Criminal Court of Flagrancias of San José, Costa Rica.

  • José Carlos Beltrán, general director of Human Rights of the Secretariat of National Defense.

  • William Fernando Quiroz, superior judge and magistrate in Lima, Peru.

  • Carlos Daza Gómez, professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), professor at the National Institute of Criminal Sciences (INACIPE) and president of the School of Criminal Law Teachers of the UNAM Law School.

  • Xitlálic Ceja García, federal deputy for the LXIII Legislature.

  • José Antonio López, deputy general director for the implementation of the Constitutional Reform of Human Rights (SEGOB).

  • Jorge Alberto Camacho, president of the National Association of Trainers of the Accusatory Criminal System (ASCAPA), specialist in the Criminal Justice and Oral Litigation System.

  • Carla Pratt Corzo, trainer in the Accusatory Criminal System.

The GEAP participated with two informative modules where the projects International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) and Justice for Peace were presented.


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