Ecuador | Let’s all preserve the heritage of humanity!Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Ecuador | Let’s all preserve the heritage of humanity!


About 220 volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Ecuador carried out various environmental activities, with the aim of calling attention to save Mother Earth and preserve it as a heritage of humanity.

In celebration of World Earth Day, the Activists socialized the Proclamation of Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth in parks, plazas, forests and in the city hall. The reading of the Proclamation received the signature of support on from behalf of the personalities present.

Among them were officials from the Ministry of the Environment, autonomous decentralized municipal governments, the Prefecture, the Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police and the Animal Protection Organization.


Likewise, representatives of indigenous peoples of the Natabuelas, Kichwas Karankis, Otavalos, GEAP volunteers and citizens in general supported the Proclamation.

The youth Activists participated in the opening of the event with folk music, dances and theatrical performances, in order to promote the recognition of Mother Earth as a living being with inalienable rights.


The Kichwa Karanki people, made the ceremony of permission to the Mother Earth, that was in charge of Jaime Guamán. This act consists of asking permission from the Pachamama to carry out the sowings and harvest fruits in abundance.

The companions in this ritual must be male and female, because they represent the duality of the environment and ensure the fertility of Mother Earth.

Custodians of nature

The fair was conformed by the brigades of the Environmental Movement “Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth” (Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Geosphere, Plant Biodiversity, Animal Biodiversity and Human Beings), custodians of nature that are part of the International Children of the Mother Earth Program promoted by the GEAP.

Around 850 people were sensitized during the activities. For her part, Dora Cuamacas, an official of the Environment Directorate of the Prefecture of Imbabura, said:

“... Infinite thanks for the invitation, and I want to tell the citizens, our colleagues that are present, that change starts with ourselves, a different habit, save water, save energy, use healthier means of transport such as the bicycle, are things that cost us nothing.”

Cuamacas added that it only depends on the attitude of each individual; understand that if everyone does a work in favor of Mother Earth, it will return many blessings such as food, pure water, oxygen and beautiful landscapes.


access_time Saturday, April 22, 2017