Strengthening the rights of Indigenous Peoples

This work area responds to the specific objective:

1. Strengthen the rights of Indigenous Peoples through activities that promote their rights and that involve them with all sectors of society, for the construction of bridges of fellowship, communication and inter-mediation between them, governments, and civil society, in the search for the establishment of the peace of the Indigenous Peoples.

In the International Program Children of Mother Earth, we consider the interrelation with Indigenous Peoples and their understanding and ancestral knowledge fundamental, for the formation of  environmental peace and culture of Mother Earth.

Therefore, taking into account the final document of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples held in September 2014, which reaffirms the commitment and support of the Heads of State and Government, ministers and representatives of the Member States of the UN, to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and to cooperate with them through their institutions to "define and implement plans of action, strategies or other national measures, as appropriate, to achieve the aims of the Declaration "(A/RES/69/2), the GEAP established as a primary area of ​​work the strengthening of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The GEAP has been carrying out various activities to contribute to the fulfillment of this mandate, through the "Encounters of the Children of Mother Earth" and the "Consultation Meetings with the Indigenous Peoples", with which it has been possible to consolidate the document "National and international proposals of the Indigenous Peoples for the environmental peace of Mother Earth", of which a first part was presented at the 16th Permanent Forum of the UN on Indigenous Issues.

By 2018, the development of these and other activities will continue, building bridges for greater participation of Indigenous Peoples in society, and the full recognition of their rights. Activities that seek to rescue, shelter and disseminate their understanding and ancestral knowledge, and the protection of their cultural identity, will also be increased as part of the foundation of a culture for the environmental peace of Mother Earth.