Hydrosphere brigade invites citizens to care for the waterGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Hydrosphere brigade invites citizens to care for the water


As part of the International Program Children of Mother Earth, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Ecuador commemorated World Water Day in various cities of the country.

The hydrosphere brigade, from the Environmental Movement “Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth”, visited different communities to invite their inhabitants to take actions for a sustainable development and future.

Hundreds of neighbors, businesses, companies and public and private institutions welcomed the volunteers, who gave five-minute talks in order to invite society to take care of water


In Ciudad Blanca, Ibarra, students from the local school received the five actions to save water. Then, the GEAP, in cooperation with the Water and Sewerage Corporation (EMAPA), participated in a parade for World Water Day.

Twenty-nine educational institutions, organizations and the Queen of Ibarra, Janina Guzmán, walked along with BA BAU, television character. The parade ended in Pedro Moncayo Park with an exhibition on the importance of water.

The event was attended by the mayor of the city, Álvaro Castillo, along with a group of council members. Likewise, members of the Fire Department, Movildernort, Army, Ministry of Environment and the National Police, installed their modules, where they offered the community environmental information. 


In Quito, capital of the Republic of Ecuador, the activities were held in the north Inca sector and in El Calzado. The Activists gave the information in homes, businesses, offices and to people that circulated the area.

The citizens received from the brigade a gift made of recycled materials and five simple actions about the proper use of the vital liquid


In the city of Los Tres Juanes, the Children of Mother Earth held environmental meetings. The volunteers visited homes and city businesses, socializing, among them, the importance of preserving natural sources of fresh water and giving some recommendations to conserve this element.


The Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth carried out the community environmental awareness day on water care, under the theme “Let's save the water of our Mother Earth”. The tour was made in the cities Fausto Molina, Pucará, Primera Constituyente and ended in square La Dolorosa. 

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas

In this seminar, 40 GEAP volunteers participated, they gave talks in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas and divided into two groups of eight couples, and visited a total of 271 homes. This tour was executed in the localities: June 30, La Modelo and Villa Florida. 

La Unión

In La Unión, Quinindé and Puerto Quito, 80 families received information on how to promote the five actions to save fresh water and the importance of recognizing Mother Earth as a living being, who must be respected, saved and protected.


Raising awareness to the community with actions that guarantee the conservation of water was the theme of the environmental activity held in Guayaquil. During the five-minute talk the neighbors received a gift made with recyclable materials from the Activists. 


The Guardians from El Oro visited the cities of Vergeles, Algarrobos and Machala Libre to inform the citizens about five measures to preserve fresh water. This activity had great receptivity from the community. 


In the city of Quevedo, the Activists gave talks house-to-house, in offices, stores and to the media on how to care, conserve, reuse and protect fresh water through five recommendations.

The Guardians gathered in the Emblematic Monument of the City “The Heroes of CENEPA” to begin the journey among different parishes, mainly in the Venus del Río Quevedo and Nicolás Infante Díaz, where approximately 500 families committed to care for this natural resource. 

Francisco de Orellana

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, an awareness campaign of sensitization on the importance of caring for the water of planet Earth was held. Offices, restaurants, parks, Marine Corps, City Hall, among others, attended the activity that took place after the educational forum for the fresh water conservation.

The event was attended by representatives of the City Hall, the Port of Marinala, the Fishermen Association; also, Blanca Grefa, president of FICAE, educational institutions and the Ministry of  Environment.


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