Forging integral peace

Forging integral peace

International Day of Peace, September 21st

“Peace is a dynamic process of hard work, effort, creativity, persistence and, above all, the commitment of each of those who make up the society where we live; from where ever we are and from the measure of our possibilities we can all contribute. We are the forgers of peace.”


William Soto Santiago
Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

This September 21st, International Peace Day, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, promotes the motto “Forging integral peace” with the purpose of promoting the harmony of all the areas in which human beings develop, as the only way to achieve a full state, and individual and collective happiness.

The digital campaign disseminates educational and awareness-raising messages on the three major areas in which humanity needs harmony in order to achieve integral peace; based on the philosophy of Dr. William Soto:

1. Individual Peace

In this area the composition of the individual is considered as a triune being: soul or heart, spirit or mind, and physical body. The message focuses on there being harmony between the three parties to achieve individual peace.

This concept indicates that when the individual harmonizes the senses of his soul or heart and those of the spirit or mind with those of the physical body, he reaches a full state and the spirit or mind manifests certain potentials or characteristics such as love, enthusiasm, respect, faith, humility, self-control, and peace.

It also emphasizes that the intrinsic values ​​in the soul or heart are oriented according to the information that is received through the senses of the physical body and the spirit; taking an indispensable role in the moment of putting the sense of the soul or heart into action, which is free choice and determination.

The positive stimuli or messages awaken the sensibility, the sense of affection and the reasoning that the human being has by nature, but which can be projected to good or evil. (Read more)

Among the most effective instruments for sowing positive messages is music, as a power that carries messages directly to the soul or heart. (See more about music for peace)


2. Peace in the social environment

The second area refers to peace as the state of coexistence where the human being is in equilibrium in an integral way, in harmony with himself, with the people that surround him/her and with society.

Peace is believed to be a way of life that is based on the pillars of respect for human dignity, fundamental rights, and the practice of ethical and moral values.

In this area, emphasis is placed on the need to work for peace as a nation, promoting peace as an intrinsic right of the person, which must be promoted and safeguarded for other rights to be guaranteed.

In turn, the rights that must be demanded in a nation for peace are: justice, freedom, equality, security, respect for life and dignity of the human being, regardless of their culture, nationality, color, origin, gender, language, socioeconomic status, and political or religious opinion.

The commitment of states and governments to establish relations or agreements, whether in the economic field, science, or technology and education, on the basis of mutual recognition, is also considered as a fundamental element for peaceful coexistence in the framework of respect for the sovereignty of people, identity, culture, and diversity.


3. Harmony with Mother Earth

In order to forge integral peace, GEAP promotes the importance of the harmony of human beings with Mother Earth, the promotion of universal values ​​and principles for harmonious, peaceful and sustainable coexistence with Mother Earth and all that composes it.

In this area, people are called to reconnect with Mother Earth and to establish the balanced bases that allow for a sustainable future where the interrelation between the fundamental rights of the human being and the fundamental rights of Mother Earth, and her other children are recognized.

Shared messages:

  • Given that Mother Earth is a self-regulating and a self-sustaining being, it has the right to be respected as a free and dignified living being.
  • Mother Earth has the right to have peace, and for the security and biosafety of its environment to be preserved.
  • Mother Earth has the right to rest and regenerate, as do all the species that inhabit it.

See: Three environmental proposals to save Mother Earth

Peace actions for humanity - Coming soon to CUMIPAZ

In its objective to work for the integral peace of the human family, in October the GEAP organized the Summit of Integration for Peace - CUMIPAZ, in its 3rd edition, Panama 2017.

The event will be attended by official delegations from approximately 40 countries; social leaders, parliamentarians, diplomats, politicians, jurists, academics, indigenous leaders, scientists, businessmen, and environmentalists of the world, who will discuss the actions that states, civil organizations, the private sector and supranational organizations are carrying out and proposing to implement for integral peace, security and sustainability of humanity and Mother Earth.


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