“Genocide is Neither Inevitable nor Accidental. The Holocaust Did Not Happen Abruptly or by Chance.”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

“Genocide is Neither Inevitable nor Accidental. The Holocaust Did Not Happen Abruptly or by Chance.”


These were the words delivered by Dr. William Soto, Global Ambassador of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, as he proposed that the Legislative Assembly introduce a course of study into the educational curriculum based on "The Holocaust as the Paradigm of Genocide."

In his dissertation, Dr. Soto stated that Hitler used education as an ideological tool, then perpetrated the genocide in which “those who remained silent also became accomplices of the barbarity.” For this reason, it is necessary to teach values, as well as the origin, history, and consequences of the Holocaust in order to raise awareness, identify warning signs, and execute concrete actions to prevent another tragedy.    

Afterwards, referring to the UN resolutions that support this proposal, he expressed: “You have the freedom, but also the political responsibility and the ethical and moral commitment to promote and divulge laws in defense of human rights that guarantee the right to life and ban all forms of discrimination.” 

Acting on the principles of the Assembly, Sergio Galvez, President of the National Assembly of Panama, joined the initiative Traces to Remember so as to honor the victims of the Holocaust “on behalf of the Panamanian people, serving as a forum for all voices that promote the peace and wellbeing of Panamanians.”

He also expressed that victims emerged because of the systematic Nazi execution policy, and that it corresponds to the present generations to reflect on the past. He mentioned historic moments such as the intervention of the Soviet Bloc on January 27, 1945 for the liberation of the Jews in the largest Nazi extermination camp, Aushwitz-Birkenau, which is now the day we annually commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.  During the ceremony Galvez added that the doors of the National Assembly are open to Dr. Soto’s project Traces to Remember “because any effort we can make would be insufficient to contribute to a culture of tolerance and a society that eliminates all forms of discrimination.”

A Tribute to Holocaust Survivors at the Legislative Palace   

After signing the introductory proceedings of the initiative, Sergio Galvez, President of the National Assembly, unveiled the commemorative plaque with Dr. William Soto in honor of Holocaust survivors Simon Burstein and Jaime Segal. The plaque will be displayed for one month at the Legislative Assembly of Panama.