Educational Activities revolving around the International Day of PeaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Educational Activities revolving around the International Day of Peace


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

For the past 32 years, September 21 is known, worldwide, as the "International Day of Peace", where the ideals of peace among all nations and peoples are strengthened. The General Assembly of the United Nations has spent this year celebrating the sacred right the people have for peace and to promote its realization.

Contributing to this proclamation, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace has been conducting the educational forums "The Holocaust, paradigm of genocide", for this international crime to become a subject of study and to extract from it the universal lessons, transmitting them in schools and universities as an effective tool to prevent and avoid the future commission of genocidal acts that exacerbate evil, hatred and intolerance that some humans can express against their peers.

One of the forums in Panama was held at the Virgin of Guadalupe School located in Garzas de Pacora, on September 10, with the participation of seniors and their teachers.

Amid dynamics to educate and sensitize the public on the value of Peace, an educational video about the Holocaust was presented so that students could learn and expand their knowledge on this historical fact, of which there is little information in history books.

Along with the Director of the school, Magistrate Jose Alberto Rios; Deputy Director, Marcos Mendez; Zaira Palacios, Regional Supervisor of Central Panama, of the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA); Mayor Joseph Melamed, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police of Pacora; Lutenant Saul Chavarria of the Community Police of Pacora; and Holocaust survivors, Dr. Jaime Segal and Felix Poznaski.

The survivors told the youth about their experience during World War II, how their family unit managed to save their lives and how education is the best alternative for oblivion.

Meanwhile, the Head of the School, Professor Jose Alberto Rios expressed to the children the importance of the value of life, liberty and healthy living, based on the experiences of the Holocaust.

Mayor Melamed, Deputy Commissioner of the Police of Pacora, insisted upon attendees the importance of knowing history and experiences of the past, as these serve as a reflection of the present and allow you to see a country that, despite certain outbreaks of violence, has managed to work together with the educational community to not only bring safety, security and service to citizens but also to strengthen the preventive part with the realization of such forums; and thus alienate youth from delinquency, gangs and organized crimes.

In tribute to peace, the students waved white flags, which were made in class, with the text: "May there always be peace in Panama," reaffirming their compromise as Pacoreño citizens.

During the event, the commemorative plaque of survivor Simon Burstein, of the project "Traces to Remember," was unveiled. This plaque will be exhibited for 15 days, where parents and students of the community will be able to see it. This is the beginning of an educative initiative which will be carried out in different elementary and middle schools of the country.