As a pacifist and Global Ambassador of Peace, William Soto Santiago has been concerned to instill a culture of voluntary and habitual blood donation in each individual, as a pillar of all national blood systems. Through this work, he has found a way to promote blood donation as a social responsibility among people, but above all, as an act of love and solidarity that brings peace to the homes of patients in need of this vital liquid, be it for medical or surgical treatment.

William Soto Santiago, Global Ambassador of Peace

“This is part of the integral peace for the human family, because a family with health problems at home, in need of blood in order for one of the family members to be in good health, cannot have peace without this resource. However, if blood is provided and supplied to the person in need of it, then his family can have peace again."

According to the World Health Organization, the majority of blood donors tend to donate when it is a family need or when they are asked directly, but not as part of a culture of voluntary and habitual donation, through which individuals would not expect compensation, and would donate three or four times a year, or as many times possible depending on their gender. Volunteer donors are the safest kind of donors; they help keep blood banks stocked, which provide patient safety by complying with the principles of healthcare.

Physical and mental health is one of the key aspects for development, and it is one of the indicators of economic growth and poverty in each country. Its importance lies not only in how it affects countries’ growth, but also how it impacts the quality of life and the wellbeing of each individual, as this is the most important patrimony of every nation.

For this reason, it is necessary to promote education among people about this social responsibility, regarding it with the same importance as other issues addressed in global agendas, and as an integral part of the human being.

For years, Dr. William Soto has called on thousands of volunteers who have identified with this purpose both in the Americas and in European countries, and the vast majority have responded by taking part in the international blood drive marathons, which are being carried out twice a year under the slogan: “Life is in the Blood: Donating the Sap of Life”.

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2nd Blood Donation Marathon




3rd Blood Donation Marathon




With this invaluable support, and in partnership with health care institutions, orientations and lectures to raise awareness have been prepared for schools, private companies, and government and non-governmental entities, thereby increasing the participation of young people in the various blood drives.

A culture of altruistic and habitual blood donation, a culture of peace for society, and striving and working for the integral wellbeing of the human family, have come to symbolize this Peace Activist.


William Soto Santiago, Global Ambassador of Peace

"But beyond the numbers, we feel great satisfaction and joy in knowing that for each unit of blood we are saving four lives. This act of love on behalf of all the Activists will be reflected in the health of thousands of people.

To all the volunteers: Thank you for your dedication! And together, we will continue to work for the peace of the human family."