Speech in Commemoration of the International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, Congress of Peru - Ms. Luisa María Cuculiza

Speech in Commemoration of the International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, Congress of Peru - Ms. Luisa María Cuculiza

Member of Congress Ms. Luisa María Cuculiza

Member of the Peru-Israel Parliamentary league

Good morning Authorities who are with me at the table, my apologies for having advanced my words but I have a commitment with my army and I have to fulfill it. Thank you. 

I feel gratified to share this special day with you., as we do every year: This day the world remembers with much pain, the barbarities committed in the Holocaust. And here it is necessary to make a clause and say: It was not the German people, it was the murderous criminal policy of Hitler, man left of the hand of God; crimes that will never be forgotten, but you have to overcome that pain and try to forgive, even if it is difficult to do. 

When I visited the Auschwitz concentration camp, the sensation I felt in that place was appalling: of a deep and aching pain, despite the time elapsed, the air felt the most burdened of suffering. When I was in front of that wall... believe me, I am a very brave woman, but in that moment my body and legs trembled from the frightful sensation I felt before that wall.

May our God never allow a similar happening in the world We are all believers of a God and we must ask daily that no one ever suffers what the Jewish people suffered. There is no right!

The largest massacre recorded by humanity came to the Jewish community, you know, 6 million Jews. For the Nazi's, the Holocaust meant: "The Final Solution," a string of abnormals. 

How wrong were these assassins of Hitler at the head, because they could never defeat the Jewish people. How honored you must feel today, especially the Jewish youth, to remember this. In each of you the heart beats twice as much, I am sure, to think that they never toppled you; they killed them, but they did not bend them. 

Nowadays the memory for those millions of exterminated Jews, children, women, men, elderly. You have seen that when they showed the pictures of these scenes and I did not turn to look at them, because I cannot bear to look at them. 

I believe that you have a very great reward, to have the Jewish people that you have today. I have had the opportunity to be in Israel; what an organized people, what a devoted people and what a people to defend their land. I have seen children and boys carrying rifles, doing military service; They ask young Jews to do military service. How different from our homeland, where military service is a punishment for youth. Hopefully one day you will see what military service by Jews is, so that they can at least and serve their country with honor. 

I have the satisfaction of telling you that I am Major of the Peruvian Army in reserve, and that despite my years I have fulfilled all the trajectory exercises, isolation, walks in the desert, learned to handle all weapons, in all, go through the battlefield…; they were wonderful experiences, that I gave everything, everything, to be able to obtain the title of Major in the army of reserve and I am very proud of that. 

I believe, Israel, despite being a small country and barely 460 square kilometers, is a strong, thriving nation of victorious men, facing adversity, death and pain. 

I ask you with all my heart: Do not forget, but forgive; because I believe that all that string of criminals must be in an underworld in the Lord’s plan; and that many of his compatriots must be looking at the face of God; that is the difference. 

Today we have Jews everywhere in the world. Our country could not be foreign to regret and after seeking refuge, Jews were welcomed in this homeland. Noble Peruvians of Jewish origin. 

In politics, in public administration, we have David Waissman, Efraín Goldenberg, Allan Wagner, Jorge Camet, José Chlimper, David Lemor, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, and in all, many Jewish descendants and Jews who are helping the development of the country.

In many exemplary men like Samuel Gleiser, Baruch Ivcher, Isaac Gleiser, Moisés Levy, José Carlos Grimberg, Uri Ben, Jack Levy, David Chlimper, etc.

And many other exemplary Jews in the country, it is of the academic seals and journalists, such as Henry Grossman, Abraham Levy, Augusto Álvarez Rodrich, Leon Trahtemberg, Valia Varak, Eddie Fleischman. They are Peruvians of the Jewish race who are triumphing in Peru. 

These and many other illustrious Jews who reside in Lima, welcome; and thank you all for undertaking businesses, for starting factories, for starting an industry, and giving jobs to Peruvians. 

To each of you present in this room, and to the gentleman who have come in the peace program, I leave all my affection to you because I feel within me the affection and gratitude to the Jewish people for having always being extremely brave people. 

May God keep you and protect you always. Thank you.