Venezuela successfully extends bonds of Life and Love in the 5th International Marathon "Life is in the Blood"Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Venezuela successfully extends bonds of Life and Love in the 5th International Marathon "Life is in the Blood"


In Venezuela, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) were motivated to continue with the promotion of an altruist and regular, voluntary blood donation culture, through the implementation of the Communicational Educational Program for the Formation of an Altruist and Regular, Voluntary Safe Blood Donation Culture (PEC-LIFE), in which Venezuela was the pilot country, worked successfully in the 5th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood”.

In the same matter, the 5th International Blood Drive Marathon was carried out during the month of June 2015, throughout the national territory, counting with the participation of Blood Banks from different regions, companies specialized in the production of blood products, such as Quimbiotec, public hospitals, military institutions, Secondary and University education centers, socialist communes, religious organizations and country businesses.

With the goal of promoting the altruist and regular, voluntary safe blood donation, the Peace Activists in Venezuela developed simultaneously blood drive marathons, from June 1 through June 31, in the regions: Anzoátegui, Aragua, Apure, Barinas, Bolívar, Carabobo, Cojedes, Distrito Capital, Falcón, Guárico, Lara, Mérida, Miranda, Monagas, Portuguesa, Sucre, Táchira, Trujillo, Yaracuy and Zulia, where the Venezuelan citizens responded positively to the call to donate blood, as an act of love and solidarity for their equals. 

Central region and Capital 

In Aragua and Guarico successful marathons were conducted in the Central Hospital of Maracay, as well as in Hospitals: Dr. Rafael Zamora Arevalo, Dr. Jose Rangel, Jose Maria Benitez, Dr. Israel Ranuarez Balsa, Dr. Francisco Urdaneta Delgado and the Regional Hospital Insalud.

Likewise, in Capital District, the GEAP coordinated blood donation marathons together with the Municipal Blood Bank, the state company Quimbiotec, the Red Cross Hospital of Venezuela, the students of the College University the Red Cross and the Hospital Perez de Leon II Blood Bank, as well as the National Experimental Polytechnic University of the Armed Forces (NEUAF) and the Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda Park, supporting institutions in the blood drive marathons.

In Carabobo, specifically the religious organizations were part of the marathons that were developed. For that matter, the Regional Blood Bank, the Maternity Blood Bank of the South and Quimbiotec provided the execution of them; as well as important companies of Valencia, industrial city of Valencia, supported this altruist work. 

Venezuelan West Center 

In a similar way, in Lara, educational institutions such as the Bolivarian School Jose Gregorio Hernandez, the socialist commune “Ataroa”, the city hall Palavecino, religious organizations, companies and sports and cultural complexes, convened to support the blood drive marathons and invited their communities to donate the Sap of Life.

For the territories of Yaracuy and Falcon, the marathons carried out were supported by the Technological University Institute of Yaracuy (TUIY), the Blood Bank Dr. Nicolas Daza Vergara and the company Quimbiotec. In addition to the effort brought by the Peace Activists of these provinces, a significant number of voluntary blood donations was reached. 

Region Los Llanos

In the Region Los Llanos, formed by the states of Cojedes, Barinas y Portuguesa, important and massive blood donations were accomplished, along with the Blood Banks; this health institutions manifested their commitment to continue to collaborate in the project “Life is in the Blood”. 

Nor-East Region

Regarding to the Peace Activists of the Oriental Region of the country: Anzoategui, Sucre, Monagas and Nueva Esparta, realized an exemplary work promoting effectively the blood donation culture. They were joined by the hospitals Dr. Domingo Guzman Lander, Dr. Jose Francisco Torrealba, Dr. Luis Razetti, Dra. Ana Torrealba, Dr. Manuel Nuñez Tovar, Dr. Pablo Villaroel Arrojo, Dr. Anival Gutierrez Solis, Anival Dominici, Dr. Luis Alberto Rojas, the Local Clinic Dra. Lya Imber de Coronil, San Tome’s Hospital, Anzoategui’s Red Cross and the Dr. Felipe Guevara Rojas Hospital, institutions that thanked the contribution that the GEAP in Venezuela fulfills to the population of this region. 


In the same way, in Bolivar there was a relevant participation in the 5th International Marathon, due to the work performed by the Activists of the GEAP in the promotion of an altruist and regular, voluntary blood donation, with the participation of the Hospital Gervasio Vera Custodio, Blood Banks, the Guayana Blood Center, the Hospital Dr. Jose G. Hernandez and the Blood Bank of the University Hospital Complex Ruiz y Paez.

Los Andes

The Region Los Andes, established by Tachira, Merida and Trujillo, were supported by educational institutions such as the University of Los Andes, where it was promoted the donation marathons of this vital liquid, through the use of posters made and distributed by the university, in which it was made known the places and schedules of the marathons. 

Zulia region

For its part, in Zulia there were carried out important awareness marathons, motivating the citizens that have a good health condition to participate and voluntarily donate blood. For this activities of blood donation, they counted with the support of the Blood Bank and the Health Secretary of the city.

Obtained Results 

Therefore, through the support brought by the National Committee of the GEAP in Venezuela, collaborating institutions and Peace Activists, the 5th International Marathon “Life is in the Blood” reached in this country 13,658 effective blood units, where 2,227 donations were deferred, adding up a total of 15,935 attended voluntary donors; figure that doubled the collected units in the 4th International Marathon carried out in the nation, specifically in the month of October of the year 2014. 

It is important to mention that the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace joined to the celebration of the “World Blood Donor Day” that in this year had for a theme “Thanks for Saving my Life”. In different events made in the country, where the GEAP was present, it was paid a special tribute to the voluntary blood donors, who participated in the past International Marathons, and have become regular blood and plasma donors. Also the Blood Banks of the different health institutions and Quimbiotec received a recognition for the support they have been providing to the GEAP in this work of solidarity, respect, fraternity, kindness and love for the human family.