Traces to Remember Commemorative Plaque is Unveiled at the Congress of Baja CaliforniaGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Traces to Remember Commemorative Plaque is Unveiled at the Congress of Baja California


Mexicali, B.C.

Monday, August 19, 2014


The Traces to Remember project is being carried out at the Congress of Baja California; commemorative plaques have already been exhibited in the vast majority of countries across Latin America through this project.

The presentation of the plaque was hosted by Congressman Felipe de Jesus Mayoral Mayoral, President of the Board of Directors of the State Congress; Congresswoman Monica Bedoya Serna, President of the Finance and Administration Committee; and Congressman Juan Manuel Molina Garcia, President of the Justice Committee.

In attendance at the unveiling ceremony were Gregorio Goldstein Isaccson, son of a Holocaust survivor; the Honorary Consul of Germany, Carlos Echegaray Enkerlin; and the Honorary Consul of Israel and son of Marinel Goldstein, who also survived the Nazi persecution during World War II, among others.

Congressman Felipe de Jesus Mayoral briefly highlighted Dr. William Soto’s ideals of service to humanity and his desire to promote the building of a more just society.

Congresswoman Monica Bedoya lamented the current situation in Gaza and the death of so many children as a result of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and praised the fact that in Mexico, despite the recorded levels of violence, people can still live in a peaceful and harmonic environment.

Congressman Juan Manuel Molina noted that remembering the people who died as a result of intolerance and persecution should not be limited only to Nazism since there had also been victims in Mexico in 1968 when the government persecuted many young people in Tlalteloco.

In concluding, Global Ambassador Dr. William Soto Santiago, pointed out that all those deaths were the result of intolerance and the absolute control of power, facts against which we must fight permanently.


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