Third anniversary of the GEAPGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Third anniversary of the GEAP


The GEAP reaches its third year of working in favor of peace and the integral happiness of the human being and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Since its creation, the GLOBAL EMBASSY OF ACTIVISTS FOR PEACE (GEAP) has untiringly worked for the construction of peace and the happiness of the integral human being, among the nations and all the human family. 

It leads programs, projects and campaigns in order to create a culture of global peace, which integrates individuals in society, promotes the respect for human rights, neighborly love and creates awareness on the harmonic and innate relation of man with Mother Earth. 

Directors of the Institution and volunteer Activists from Santiago, Chile, celebrate the third consecutive year of success of the GEAP

With the traditional birthday song and cake, volunteer activists from Santiago, Chile, accompanied the Board of Directors of the GEAP during the anniversary celebration of works towards the construction for a culture of peace for the human family.

On its third anniversary the GEAP continues designing and executing more and new programs that benefit children, youths, adults and elderly, without discrimination of race, sex, language, nationality or culture; and it intends to continue working in joint effort with all the volunteer activists at a global level, aiming to create awareness in every individual on current social situations that the human family is going through today. It is a commitment based on love and awareness, knowing that this new year of dedication and effort, new goals will be achieved. 


In his words of appreciation for the constant and voluntary cooperation of the activists, the CEO and Global Ambassador of the same, stated that:

“We want a planet of peace and love, so it can give happiness to the human being. And that can be achieved. We are in a time of bonding and also of change. (…) We love our planet and we want to continue existing for our descendants, and we want it to be better for them, than what it has currently been for us. Just as there are forms of the deterioration of things, there is also a way of regeneration; and we want to see what the situation is for the implementation of the regeneration work in society.” 

The GEAP thanks the thousands of volunteers at a global level, that have accompanied them during three years with their effort, dedication and above all, their love for every action carried out; and they invite everyone to continue working towards the achievement of the current, most urgent necessity of the planet: peace and happiness for the human family. 



access_time Friday, October 23, 2015