Staff from the Cunduacan General Hospital attended the awareness lecture Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Staff from the Cunduacan General Hospital attended the awareness lecture


The GEAP presented PEC-VIDA to health professionals.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, on April 5th, held an awareness lecture in an auditorium at the Cunduacan General Hospital, in Tabasco. The activity counted with the support different staff managers of the institution. 

Dr. Fauner Banos, assistant manager of the hospital, Elizabeth Izquierdo, from the Epidemiology Service, Luis Rodriguez, statistician, Dr. Xicotencatl Sanchez, anesthesiologist, Vasty Frías from the Nursing department, Marcos Morales, manager of the nursing department, and Orta Montero from the Education Department, were all present during the lecture. 

14 heads of departments, medical and administrative staff, social workers and nurses participated during the lecture whose sole purpose was to present the Educational Communicational Program for the Formation of a Culture of Voluntary, Altruistic and Habitual Safe Blood Donation (PEC-VIDA).

The installation of informative modules in the emergency and waiting rooms, allowed people to learn on the benefits of becoming a voluntary and habitual blood donor. Those who attended manifested their interest on the subject because this vital liquid is always necessary.

Rito Garcia attended the event, in representation of Maria Campos, president of the voluntary help of the DIF. The DIF is an organism that is in charge of attending children, youths, women, the elderly and the disabled, my means of programs that enhances their quality of life. 

This institution will schedule a date so the GEAP can give another awareness lecture to the volunteers, who can also join the work carried out through PEC-Vida. The Activists for Peace continue developing the Integral Program “Life is in the Blood” throughout the entire nation.