Paraguayans donate the sap of life and exceed the harvesting capacityGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Paraguayans donate the sap of life and exceed the harvesting capacity


At the San Lorenzo University (UNISAL), Capiatá headquarters, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Paraguay, held a blood drive and an awareness talk with the aim of promoting the voluntary donation of safe blood, fostering the principle of love and the positive values ​​of the human being.

The activity was carried out with the support of Blanca Bernal, in charge of the transfusion area of ​​the District Hospital of Capiatá, as well as the National Blood Program through its collecting bus, and the UNISAL.

The campaign counted with the participation of Paraguayan citizens, who expressed their solidarity by donating the sap of life. In this way, they joined the list of anonymous heroes who feel great satisfaction in helping their peers.

Estudiantes donandoPositive results

The volunteers of the GEAP were in charge of giving a talk under the theme "The importance of voluntary and altruistic blood donations every year". The students of the Nursing career and professors of this house of studies participated in this exhibition.

The day reached a total of 75 effective blood units and exceeded the capacity of the collection unit provided by the National Blood Program.


access_time Wednesday, August 16, 2017