The numbers in the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon, “Life is in the Blood” increased 190% in this country: TOWARDS THE FORMATION OF A CULTURE OF VOLUNTARY AND REGULAR BLOOD DONATION IN VENEZUELA.Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

The numbers in the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon, “Life is in the Blood” increased 190% in this country: TOWARDS THE FORMATION OF A CULTURE OF VOLUNTARY AND REGULAR BLOOD DONATION IN VENEZUELA.


Excellent teamwork, good relationships with public and private entities, and a large amount of volunteers, have allowed the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) to reach a figure of 7,786 (seven thousand seven hundred eighty-six) effective donations during the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon "Life is in the Blood: in Venezuela. Which meant a 190% increase of the figures obtained in the 3rd marathon carried out during the month of April 2014.   

Different regions were added to this great national drive, in which children, youths and adults promoted these simultaneous marathons of blood donation in medical centers, universities, public parks, churches, companies, and shopping centers of the country.

The Anzoategui, Nueva Esparta, Sucre, Monagas, Delta Amacuro and Bolívar states engaged multiple marathons, hand in hand with the health centers, blood banks, communes, cultural groups, media, and communities of Christian churches, besides counting with the collaboration of some of the local and regional government entities.

Volunteer groups were organized to provide educational material to the general population, giving small lectures of awareness in public transportation units, performing and promoting cultural activities in educational institutions and neighborhoods.

A very meaningful work was carried out in the plain states of Venezuela during the 4th International Blood Drive Marathon: loudspeakers, distribution of posters and brochures on the campaign "Life is in the Blood", lectures in educational and military institutions, and visits to the media.

The activities had the support of the blood banks of the region, the state company Quimbiotec, the regional government of the Portuguesa, Barinas and Cojedes states, and members of the Experimental University of the Ezequiel Zamora Plains, who manifested their gratitude and recognition to the GEAP and their ambassador Dr. William Soto, for this humanitarian labor.  

In the Yaracuy and Falcon states, the medical centers, educative and government institutions, also participated with different media, who showed the before and after of these marathons, reflecting the success obtained in each city.

Lara, the musical state of Venezuela, also participated massively, where cultural activities formed an essential part of the blood drive marathons. With the participation of clowns, musical groups, dances and the attendance of the media, who gave significant support to this marathon, where man can show love and solidarity for their fellow man.

Marathons were held in major public squares of Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo, in the Venezuelan Andes, along with the University of the Andes, National Experimental Polytechnic University of the National Armed Force (UNEF), the University Hospital and various blood banks, and the support of Mayor William Diaz, Tulio Febres Cordero (Mérida) City, along with representatives from health centers, fire stations, police stations, private enterprises, trade, artists and media.

The Aragua and Guarico states were supported by the blood banks, media and organized communities, obtaining very positive results. Promotional work done by word of mouth carried out by the activists for peace, as well as the presentation of an educational video, showed the importance of being a voluntary and regular donor, leaving behind the myths that stop us from helping others.      

In the Carabobo State, the activists turned to Christian churches, universities, shopping centers and the local government, obtaining effective results, thanks to the disclosure of the media. The marathons were also carried out at the "Universidad de Carabobo (UC), the Jose Antonio Paez University (APU) and in the headquarters of the legislative councils, City Hall, shopping centers and public squares.  

The Mayor of Valencia, Miguel Cochiola, the Mayor of Naguanagua, Alejandro Feo La Cruz, and the President of the City Council of Tocuyito, Iris Colmenares, attended the marathons performed in these cities of Carabobo and promoted in their social networks and television programs the blood drive marathons organized by the GEAP. The Mayor Alejandro Feo La Cruz also joined this altruist work.

Finally, in the Capital District multiple marathons were carried out at the headquarters of the blood banks. The closing of their activities took place in the "Parque Generalisimo Francisco de Miranda", symbolic recreational center of Caracas, with the presence of musical groups, cultural dances, theatre, sports, lectures on preventive health, and special activities for children.

Venezuela is the pilot country for the implementation of the Communicational Educational Program for the Formation of a Voluntary and Regular Safe Blood Donation Culture, an initiative of the Global Ambassador of Peace, Dr. William Soto Santiago, which is being carried out by the GEAP. In November, the first phase of this project began by conducting awareness workshops in different regions of Venezuela.