With love from heart: Venezuelans donated the sap of lifeGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

With love from heart: Venezuelans donated the sap of life


As part of the celebration of World Blood Donor Day (June 14), the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Venezuela continued in the race for life that began in June with the 11th International Blood Drive Marathon: «With love from my heart I donate blood and save lives»

The blood drives and sensitization carried out under the Integral Program Life is in the Blood, were carried out in coordination with the blood banks and institutions of Carabobo, Aragua, Capital District, Lara, Oriente, Los Andes and Los Plains to promote the formation of a culture of voluntary, altruistic and habitual donation of safe blood.

The GEAP in this special celebration recognized voluntary blood donors who, for a year, donated blood regularly to supply the blood banks and guarantee the stock of this vital liquid tissue and its components.

Simultaneously, blood collections were made where the citizens of this country expressed their love through this altruistic act that allows them to save the lives of their peers.


In Puerto Cabello on June 13, the activists promoted the activity on the radio stations Ondas del Mar 1380 AM, Playera 101.7 FM and C - Oye 89.1 FM.

On June 14, the blood drive and awareness talks began at the blood bank of the Dr. Adolfo Prince Lara Hospital in Puerto Cabello, and in the Dr. Enrique Tejera hospital city of Valencia, where they reached a total of 184 effective units of safe blood.

In Puerto Cabello, the GEAP and the blood bank coordination came together to pay tribute to the volunteer donors, who received recognition for their altruistic work. 30 activists for peace, from Puerto Cabello and Morón, were mentioned and recognized as voluntary, altruistic and regular donors of safe blood.

The event was also attended by students from the Vicente Salias School and a group of young people from club 25 of the Red Cross. The cultural part was in charge of the GEAP Symphony Orchestra in Puerto Cabello and the Las Estrellas Hondureñas Folk Dance Group.

Capital Region

The activists of the Capital Region gave an awareness-raising talk to the staff of the Ministry of Popular Power for Health (MPPS). This activity was attended by Amarylis Adrián, representative of the National Program of Blood Banks.


At the Bolivarian School Playa Blanca in Puerto Cumarebo the activists gave an educational session to the students of primary education through the story Gotito the superhero. Similarly, in the Cultural Grid of circuit No. 3, an awareness-raising day was held where the management, teaching, administrative, workers, parents and representatives, students and the community in general participated.


The day was held at the blood bank of the Hospital Israel Ranuarez Balsa of San Juan de Los Morros. On this extraordinary day, there were 62 people who decided to donate voluntarily, for an achievement of 56 effective blood units.


In Barquisimeto, peace activists held the celebration in the blood bank of the Central Hospital Dr. Antonio María Pineda. In this event, attendees received awareness talks about the importance of voluntarily donating blood. In addition, cultural events were presented to entertain the anonymous heroes who regularly donate their blood.

The Andes

In the Andes, the activity was carried out in the blood bank of Hospital Pedro E. Carrillo, Valera, Trujillo state, where citizens participated in this day to supply this health center, in order to guarantee the vital liquid to the people who need.

The Plains

With the attendance of 255 people, the peace activists carried out a day of awareness in the Plaza Bolivar in San Carlos, Cojedes state. This event was supported by the Red Cross, the Cándido Díaz Carballo Health Unit and the blood bank of the Hospital Egor Nucette. News Cojedes and the Class 98.7 Broadcaster covered the activity.

At the blood bank Lorenzo Hánds of the Dr. Miguel Oraá University Hospital in Guanare, Portuguesa state, a blood donation day was held, where 61 people expressed their desire to donate blood voluntarily and 42 effective units were collected. This event was supported by Gregoria García, coordinator of Banco de Sangre.

The media El Occidente, El Regional and Última Hora also participated. The celebration culminated with cultural events by the GEAP volunteers.


The seminar was held at the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) Dr. Domingo Guzmán Lander of Barcelona Anzoátegui state. The activists gave lectures of awareness towards the voluntary donation, and the attendees were sensitized and manifested their intention to become voluntary blood donors.