It is necessary to encourage ethical, moral, and spiritual values to prevent a deed such as the holocaustGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

It is necessary to encourage ethical, moral, and spiritual values to prevent a deed such as the holocaust


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) in Mexico, celebrated the “International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the victims of the Holocaust”, the event was took place at the XXII Town Hall of Tijuana, Baja California.

As part of the project “ Traces to Remember”  the event was attended by Graciela Zamudio, coordinator of the Foreign Office of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH); Michel Goldstein, grandson of the survivor Marinel  Golstein; and Sofia Model, businesswoman in the city of Tijuana.

The Director of Religious Affairs attended the event, Alfonso Valencia, in representation of Tijuana’s Mayor; Alejandron Lan, member of the Israeli Social Center; Eulogio Ayala, GEAP State Coordinator in Zacatecas; and Rodrigo Delgado, Coordinator in Baja California.

Tolerance to Live in Peace

Alfonso began the event with welcoming words, he also expressed that tolerance towards one another is an indispensable virtue to live in peace.

“Being an active practitioner of humanism is the clearest and most overwhelming answer to the failure of an age marked of power abuse and intolerance”, Valencia said.
For his part, Rodrigo Delgado presented the project “Traces to Remember”. During his presentation he said:
“It is important that we are able to constantly transmit, raise awareness, and promote to new generations the full knowledge of the Holocaust, which we know is not just a crime against Jewish people, but a crime against humanity.”

Promoting Values

Sofia Model, accompanied by Enrique Torres, pianist, interpreted a portion of the song “Eli, Eli” in Hebrew. She also told the story of Hannah Szenes, member of the Jewish resistance against Nazism, born in Hungry in 1921.
Then, Christopher Cadena, representing the Paulo Freire Elementary School, read a few words related to education and the Holocaust. He said:
“Education should not only aim towards the development of scientific and technological knowledge,  as this is not enough to prevent the repetition of such an atrocious event like the Holocaust; it is necessary to foment values in human beings,  specially love of neighbor.”
Michel Golstein, grandson of Holocaust survivor Marinel Goldstein, manifested in his speech that it is important for each person to execute actions in favor of humanity’s wellbeing.
“It is very accurate that the project is called “Traces to Remember”, and we have to think what is the trace we want to leave in this world, and not to pass the ball to the next person, or worse, the generations to come; and each and every one of us to decide to do something to make this world a better place”, Goldstein said.

In Memory of the Victims

Alejandro Lan was in charge of the Menorah, ceremony that is realized in memory of the six million Jews. The lighting of candles was carried out by the following:

  1. Strul Goldstein
  2. Graciela Zamudio
  3. Cristopher  Cadena
  4. Henry Eisenberg
  5. Alex Goldstein
  6. Alfonso Valencia

With the cutting of the ribbon executed by Graciela Zamudio and Alfonso Valencia, the photographic gallery of the Holocaust was inaugurated. At the same, the participants visited the Marinel Goldstein survivor plaque in form of the Star of David.

Fifty people toured the exhibition that proved the persecution and systematic assassination, bureaucratically organized by the Nazi regime.