Hispanic American University (UHISPAM), opens the cycle of the Forum "Educating to remember - The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Hispanic American University (UHISPAM), opens the cycle of the Forum "Educating to remember - The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide”


Managua, Nicaragua

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace along with the Hispanic American University, conducted the first University Forum "Educating to Remember - The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide" which was held in the CONAPRO building, with the presence the President of the Superior Council of Private Universities, Dr. Adam Bermudez, Honorary Consul of Israel, Arturo Vaughan, and Research Assistant for Global Jewish Studies at the Florida International University, Gerald Smith.

Adam Bermudez expressed his delight categorizing the event as "historic" for the Hispanic American University, and likewise his interest in bringing these forums to the fifteen universities that make up the Superior Council of Private Universities COSUP: "This event allows us to create an atmosphere of reflection, in which we can understand the importance of teaching ethical and moral values. The development of scientific and technological knowledge is not sufficient to prevent the repetition of an act as heinous as the Holocaust, which cost about 20 million human lives. "

Meanwhile, Arthur Vaughan, Honorary Consul of Israel in Nicaragua, in his speech he spoke about the remarkable difference between the Holocaust and other genocides: "The Holocaust as such, has an additional component which is the subject of anti-Semitism, which is racial. In addition to everything we talked about there is the racial issue, as the doctor said; certain groups that thought they were racially better than others; and others, parasites of society; and they so believe that it is something that has been going on for centuries."

The engineer Gerald Smith, Assistant Researcher at Florida International University, lamented the current situation of the State of Israel before the United Nations, which, in his words, has a record of prejudice against the Jewish state, condemning them at every opportunity and ignoring conflicts that are currently being developed in Africa, the Balkans and Ukraine.

After these interventions, the guided tour through the photo exhibition "The Holocaust, Paradigm of Genocide" began, in which students could learn more about the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jewish people.


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