Guatemala: The GEAP celebrates the solidarity action of blood donorsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Guatemala: The GEAP celebrates the solidarity action of blood donors


Caminata con entidades
Different entities, through the streets of the municipality in a spontaneous walk carrying posters and encouraging neighbors to learn about voluntary blood donation.
The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, GEAP, in Guatemala, paid tribute to blood donors, on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, in different events that were held as part of the 11th international marathon “Life is in the Blood”, which was implemented by the GEAP in 20 countries in the Americas and in Spain during June.


GEAP volunteers were present in 6 municipalities of the country to promote the formation of a culture of voluntary, altruistic and regular donation of safe blood, in order to collaborate with health institutions and blood banks in the blood supply and its components to all the people that require it.

In San Lucas, Sacatepéquez, a march was organized with the Youth Office, Municipal Sports Academy, Municipal Urban School of the Federal Republic of Central America, Elim School, Tezulutlán Mixed School, ECOSABA Cooperative and Municipal Office of the Woman.

During the march, posters were displayed regarding blood donation and at the end of the march, recognition was given to volunteer donors and institutions that have collaborated voluntarily in the drives.

I donate blood and save lives

Under the theme "With love from my heart I donate blood and save lives" the GEAP and the Blood Bank of the Pedro de Betancourth National Hospital in Antigua Guatemala, carried out a blood drive where 56 effective units were collected and awareness was made to the people who were in the hospital.

Cubriendo evento.
The event was supported by the municipality of Palín and covered by local media who in their social work transmit what it means to donate blood.
Several media outlets covered the activity, such as TVQuetzachapin, Nuestro Diario, Prensa Libre, Proceso, Guatevisión, NVO News and 360 Focus.


Similarly, in the department of Zacapa, in coordination with the blood bank of the regional hospital, GEAP activists carried out a blood drive at the Station of the 23 Compañía Voluntarios Bomberos de Zacapa. In the event, 13 effective blood units were obtained through voluntary donation.

It was attended by the media Impacto Informativo, Nuestro Diario and El

On the other hand, in the municipality of Totonicapán this event was also held in conjunction with the blood bank of the Hospital José Felipe Flores, the units collected supplied this same health center.

Love for others

In Quetzaltenango, two blood drives were held, with the support of the Red Cross of this city. On June 13 the collection was made at the University Center of the West with the participation of 100 students from different faculties. On June 14, they moved to Central Park, where 60 volunteer donors participated.

In the municipality of Palín, department of Escuintla, the community received awareness talks by GEAP activists, the central theme was the importance of solidarity in the altruistic act of donating blood. The activity was supported by the municipality of Palín and the local media.


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