Franz Tamayo University (UNIFRANZ) and the Cumbre University in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, opens their doors to the Project "Educating to Remember" Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Franz Tamayo University (UNIFRANZ) and the Cumbre University in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, opens their doors to the Project "Educating to Remember"


Within the framework of the project "Educating to Remember", the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) held a photographic exhibition of the Holocaust and the university forum "The Holocaust and Human Rights", in the city of Santa Cruz, on June 16th and the 17th, at the Cumbre University, with the participation of Law and Social Communication students, and the Franz Tamayo University (UNIFRANZ).

Dr. Elena Valdes Gutierrez, Secretary General of the UNIFRANZ, opened the forum that was held on the premises of the institution, and expressed her desire for more solidarity and humanitarian students.

The director of Law degree, Mr. Alex Arias, was present at the Franz Tamayo, who acknowledged the work being done by the GEAP in favor of society; and Dr. Edgar Andrade España, professor in the same field, described the history of the Holocaust during World War II and its consequences, under the theme "The Holocaust and Human Rights".

In the same way, at the Cumbre University, Hernán Flores Escalante, head of Law degree, participated with the theme "Human Rights, Values ​​and the Universal Principles" and thanked the activists for the initiative to teach the Holocaust as a study subject to extract universal teachings to prevent and avoid the future commission of genocidal acts.

The two institutions had the intervention of the internationalist and Master of Higher Education, Roxana Forteza, who presented the topic "Holocaust and other genocides" at the Cumbre University and "The Nazi Holocaust" in UNIFRANZ, stressing that if people believe in human rights they should not think of relativism.

Also present was the former defendant of the people, Hernán Cabrera, speaking on Human Rights, the role of universities and the media, and public attitude that must be undertaken, urging young people not to be accomplices and denounce acts that violate human rights, because as citizens they have a role to help and generate actions for society.

Photographic exhibition generates reflection among the students

During the development of the forums a photographic exhibition was displayed which illustrated the history of the Shoah as a way to establish a space for reflection on the lessons of genocide, and the importance of knowing history in order to avoid the repetition of this international crime.

UNIFRANZ signs Letter of Intent with the GEAP

Speaking of the Forum, Mr. Joel Lara Medrano, representing the GEAP, and Dr. Carlos Dabdoub Arrien, Vice Chancellor of the UNIFRANZ, proceeded to the signing of a Letter of Intent, in order to establish a framework agreement of interinstitutional cooperation.


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