Commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of the State of Israel in Mar del PlataGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of the State of Israel in Mar del Plata


With a moving act, authorities from Mar del Plata remembered the 14 of May of 1948 when the Independence of the State of Israel was declared.

“Eretz Israel has been the cradle of the Jewish people. Its spiritual, religious and national personality has been forged; living like free and sovereign people; it has created a culture with national and universal values.”
Those were the words with which David Ben-Gurion initiated the historic Declaration of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) was invited to a ceremony for the commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of the State of Israel on Thursday, May 12. The whole Jewish community, the judicial, political, legislative, religious and academic authorities of Mar del Plata, Argentina carried out at the foot of the monument of General San Martin in the center of the city;

The moving act was attended by supervisor Carlos Arroyo, President of the Honorable Council, Guillermo Sáenz Saralegui; director of Human Rights, Sonia Rawicki; President of the Israelite Mar del Plata Society, Mr. Isaac Saúl; defender of people, Fernando Rizzi; councilors Patricia Leniz and Patricia Serventich; Héctor Rosso; Lucas Fiorini and Cristian Azcona, representatives of the Armed Forces and Security Forces; judicial authorities, legislative and academic branches; representation of local bishopric and Jewish and Armenian communities, GEAP volunteers and the general public.

The event began with the intonation of the National Anthem of Argentina followed by the Hatikvá Hymn of Israel, in charge of the band of Argentine Navy. The President of SUIM (United Israelite Mar de Plata Society) and Ms. Sonia Rawicki gave a brief account of why the anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 was celebrated on May 14, within the Assembly of the United Nations Organization.

Supervisor Mr. Carlos Arroyo expressed the following words:

“The creation of that State in 1948 in the United Nations represents, as no other, the beginning of a different epoch, where mankind is finding its reason for being, where mankind once and for all understands that man has been made in the image and likeness of God. And that violence, death, hatred and destruction have to be definitively eliminated from the face of the Earth.

I remember that at some very critical time in our history, Israel was the only state that did not turn their backs on us. Argentina is now largely fulfilling its preamble, welcoming all peoples who wish to inhabit their soil, in peace and with brotherhood without making any distinctions. We must unite and fight for the State of Israel to remain where it is, in freedom and without wars or confrontations. Peace must reign, understanding and helping among human beings.”

Seminarian Daniel Somerstein Hazan closed the commemoration with a heartfelt prayer.


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