Celebration and commitment in Chile to obtain 100% of voluntary donorsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Celebration and commitment in Chile to obtain 100% of voluntary donors


Donantes voluntarios
Volunteer donors waiting to donate

World Blood Donor Day in Chile was not only a reason to celebrate but also an occasion to promote citizen action and commitment in voluntary and habitual blood donation. The GEAP, health centers, blood banks, municipal authorities and other agencies came together to develop various activities.

106 voluntary donors received recognition for their altruistic work, through special certification. On the other hand, there were blood drives where a total of 400 effective units were registered.

These events were held in eight cities of the country. The objective of this work is to contribute to the achievement of the national goal: to reach 100% of voluntary blood donations and not by replacement.

One of the recommendations given to citizens is that men can donate every three months and women every four months.

In the metropolitan area, Santiago, a blood drive was held in the district of San Bernardo, with 145 effective donations. The collection was enlivened by voluntary musical groups that invited people to join this altruistic act. The mayor Nora Cuevas Contreras, supported the day and received a recognition from the GEAP.

II Region of Calama. The GEAP together with the Transfusion Medicine Unit held a day where 29 volunteers gave their contribution to life. Players from the football team of Cobreloa participated and motivated citizen participation, along with various artistic groups.

Sensibilizando donantes
Activists raising awareness in potential voluntary donors

VII Region Talca. Donor House Maule and the GEAP joined to develop a drive on the premises of the University of Talca, located in the Maule Region. Students voluntarily joined the collection that had a total of 55 effective donations.

IX Region of Temuco. 48 voluntary blood donors received recognition for their altruistic work. The Blood Bank of the Dr. Hernán Henríquez Aravena Hospital in Temuco, together with the GEAP, organized a drive where the deputy director of the Hospital, Heber Rickemberg, was present. The media spread and supported the event.

V Region of Valparaíso. The Blood Center of Valparaíso organized a celebration ceremony in honor of the volunteer donors. The GEAP received recognition for the work of sensitization, education, and promotion of a voluntary, altruistic and habitual blood donation culture.

The ceremony was attended by the director of the Blood Center, Pedro Meneses, the Seremi de Salud, María Graciela Astudillo and the director of the Eduardo Pereira Hospital, Guillermo Aristides.

VI Region of Rancagua. The blood center celebrated with a blood collection, where 47 effective donations were added. A group of Activists for Peace promoted messages of consciousness and awareness about blood donation as an act of altruistic of love and solidarity.   

Donante voluntario
Delivering a certificate to a voluntary blood donor

VIII Region Talcahuano. At La Higuera Hospital, one of the most important health centers in the region, the educational tables were deployed to instruct people on the importance and requirements of blood donation. With this work, the participation of 23 volunteer donors was promoted.

The director of the institution, Patricia Sánchez, called on the entire community to participate regularly to ensure the availability of this vital input.

Los Angeles Region. The GEAP, together with the Dr. Víctor Ríos Ruiz Assistance Complex, celebrated with a day that produced 28 effective donations. The volunteers committed themselves to perform the altruistic act in a habitual way. The director of the Complex, Juan de Dios Reyes Magallanes, was present.



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