Brazilian cities participate in the 3rd Marathon “Life is in the Blood”Global Embassy of Activists for Peace

Brazilian cities participate in the 3rd Marathon “Life is in the Blood”


With a country that has a solidarity as one of their biggest virtues, Brazil also joined to the 3rd Blood Drive Marathon of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

Volunteers of different places, scattered by the states of the biggest country of Latin America, gave their contribution and were preset in this drive for love and altruism in favor of those who needed.

Worthy highlight: educational talks with the blood Banks of the following cities:

Brasilia – In the capital of the country the Activists concentrated in the Hemocenter of the Federal District, donating blood and encouraging the citizens to become regular volunteers.

Cuiaba / Fortaleza – As cities which will receive games of the FIFA World CUP-2014 and taking into advantage of the events of sponsoring companies of the soccer event, where there was a big concentration of people, the Activists for Peace will present the campaign and reached a significant adhesion of the local people.

Leme – In the inland town of the state of São Paulo, the movement from the volunteer church members and local allied entities of the Embassy, was determinant for a great acceptance and presence in the donation. Dozens of people went to the “Club de la Tercera Edad de Leme”,

Where a mobile stand was set to attend and recollect “the sap of life”.

Boa Vista – The happiness and enthusiasm of the voluntary Activists for Peace, spread to the donors who went to the Hemocenter of the capital of the State of Roraima. In an action which reflects the rising of the adhesion, having as principle the regularity and love for others, different citizens approved the initiative and participates extending their hands in an act of spontaneous solidarity.

Grande São Paulo – The alliance with the two blood banks that supply the most in the area of Grande São Paulo, gave great results and dozens of effective units in the different collection point of the region. Activists for Peace of the cities of Barueri, Carapicuiba and Osasco gave a great demonstration of solidarity.

“Once more, we thank the support of the Activists for Peace in this campaign”, declares Mr. Renato Tanno, of the Corporate Communication Division of the ProBlood Foundation, biggest Blood Bank of Latin America.

Juiz de Fora – One of the most important cities of the State of Minas Gerais had an adhesion representative, encouraged by diverse actions of awareness in schools and universities. The motivation from dozens of young people made a considerable increase in the collection of effective units for the HemoMinas.

São Jose dos Campos – In addition to the massive and consistent campaign of awareness and

clarification about the importance of the voluntary and regular donation, the numbers presented by the Hemocenter of the biggest city of the Vale do Paraíba Paulista confirm the effort of the Embassy in implementing a blood donation culture. Workshops and talks with hundreds of students helped to increase significantly the inventory and the number of donors, the general count of Brazil in the International Marathon.

The events had the support of the director of the Hemocenter of São José dos Campos, Mr. Paulo Pontes, with Mr. Carlos Arcanjo, Coordinator and Professor at the University Anhanguera, who joined the event with their experience and knowledge, encouraging a lot of the citizens to become volunteers.

Other Brazilian cities that also participated of the campaign that are worth mentioning are: Rio Branco and Rio de Janeiro.


access_time Wednesday, April 30, 2014