Bolivians celebrate altruistic work of voluntary blood donorsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Bolivians celebrate altruistic work of voluntary blood donors


Volunteers from the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) of Tarija, Sucre, Cochabamba, Potosí and Santa Cruz, celebrated World Blood Donor Day in Bolivia in coordination with blood banks in different cities of the country.

This festival that recognizes the altruistic work of voluntary donors of safe blood joined hundreds of heroes willing to save the lives of many people without receiving anything in return.

The days of blood donation were made with the purpose of promoting a culture of solidarity through this act that supplies the health centers with this vital liquid and helps all those who need a blood transfusion.

Plaza Sucre
Caminata por la solidaridad

Walk for Life in Tarija

In the city of Tarija, a walk was carried out for life that had the participation of the Red Cross, Las Cebritas municipal mayor, students of the Juan Misael Saracho University and activists for peace, who with posters and slogans invited the community to join this campaign of love for their fellow men.

The tour began in the San Roque square and culminated in the Plaza Sucre, where the blood collection day was held, which allowed 108 volunteers to donate the life blood resulting in 68 effective units. The activity was supported by companies and media, who disseminated information about the event to the population.

The city of Sucre also made a walk for the Solidarity

Walk for Solidarity was called the activity organized by the blood bank of the city of Sucre. This fact managed to encourage citizens and made them aware that by donating blood they are giving a significant contribution to society.

The march had the support of Las Cebritas, the departmental Red Cross, students of the nursing career of the San Francisco Xavier University, the municipal band, the national actor Augusto Torrez, known as the Chocolatín clown and volunteers who joined the hike.

Donantes voluntarios
Convocando a la población a convertirse en donantes voluntarios

Day of celebration and collection in Cochabamba

In Cochabamba, the GEAP volunteers also took a walk to summon the inhabitants of this region

o the days to express their solidarity with the individuals who need this important contribution to continue living.

The blood donation campaign was carried out on June 17 with the support of the Red Cross, Movimiento Sonrisa, Bolivian Blood Donor Association, Blood Medical Volunteer Group, Radio Frecuencia Policial and GEAP.


For their part, the peace activists concentrated in Las Banderas square to invite the citizens, who received recognition from the blood bank.

Citizens come to donate blood

With the support of the Government of Potosí, the Red Cross, high school students from different schools and the media, the event was held with the participation of the inhabitants of the city, who volunteered to donate blood.

Donante habitual
Jornada de colecta de sangre

Celebration and recognition

In Santa Cruz, on June 11, 85 activists celebrated with a day where they manifested their fraternity by donating blood, and their work was recognized by the GEAP for the valuable contribution they make in favor of society.

On June 17, the day was held in the main square of the city, where the usual donors of safe blood and the institutions that supported this social work were recognized, among them the UAGRM, UTEPSA and UNE universities.



He attended the event Oscar Urenda, representative of the Ministry of Health and Joaquín Monasterio, director of the Departmental Health Service. The event counted with the participation of musical groups and artists, who delighted the volunteer donors with their talent.


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