30% increase of blood units in Catalunya, SpainGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

30% increase of blood units in Catalunya, Spain



To continue with the mission of creating a culture of regular and voluntary blood donation, the GEAP, with the Blood Bank of Catalunya, installed a mobile unit in the theatre of the Civic Center of San Pedro and San Pablo of the city of Tarragona, last Friday, January 16. This activity not only focused on giving support to the calling so that they could voluntarily donate the sap of life but also to develop activities for the awareness about the importance of becoming altruistic and compromised people for the love for life, developing an excellent habit as a voluntary blood donor.

Thanks to the goodwill of the population, the professionalism of the members of the Blood Bank of Catalunya and the compromise for the integral peace of the human family that the voluntary activists of the GEAP, it was possible to increase 30% the effective blood units, showing this way, demonstrating that when working in an articulated way for a common good, the results are positive.

The campaigns of awareness and callings in the mobile units will continue to be carried out during the year.



access_time Friday, January 16, 2015