The 11th International Blood Drive Marathon begins

The 11th International Blood Drive Marathon begins

This year's slogan: With love from my heart, I donate blood and save lives

Effective units reached: 3984


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) calls on citizens to participate in the 11th International Blood Drive Marathon as part of the Integral Program: Life is in the Blood, to promote the formation of a voluntary, altruistic and regular culture of safe blood donation.

This marathon is carried out simultaneously in 20 countries in America and in Spain, carrying out the promotion, awareness and execution of blood drives throughout the month in coordination with blood banks and health institutions in each country. Drives in each country, updated regularly:


The goal for 2018 is to surpass the figures collected during 2017 that totaled 187,712 effective blood units attained during the 9th and 10th marathon.

Awakening public awareness.

The blood collections are preceded by informative activities of the PEC VIDA donation campaigns and educational sessions, carried out by activists in educational institutions, companies, families and communities in order to sensitize people on the importance of voluntarily donating blood.

Special celebration

This year, the 11th Marathon's slogan is: "With love from my heart, I donate blood and save lives", promoting blood donation as an act of love towards other human beings, and recognizing the altruistic act of voluntary, unpaid donors, in the framework of the celebration of World Blood Donor Day (June 14).

The GEAP will also be carrying out activities to recognize voluntary blood donors, along with blood collections, in order to enhance the participation of citizens in voluntary donation and supply blood banks to ensure the demand of this vital liquid tissue.