1. Constantly and massively transmit, especially to the younger generations, the evidence of the hardness and the magnitude of what the Holocaust meant for mankind.
2. Make the people of the world aware that the conditions are present for events like the Holocaust to be repeated, if we stay indifferent or passive before these circumstances.
3. Show the human family that there are mechanisms, such as this project, in a simple, peaceful, yet effective way, that help us remember the lessons of history so they are not repeated.
4. Encourage government agencies to enact laws in favor of Holocaust education in their educational system, to counteract denial.
5. Achieve a greater unity between countries in defense of Human Rights.
6. Increase knowledge about different genocides that have occurred throughout history and that have been forgotten and are a disgrace to humanity, because “Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it" (George Santayana).