Opening Words of CSR Session -Dr. William Soto Santiago

Opening Words of CSR Session -Dr. William Soto Santiago


Deputy Tadeo Rojas, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies of Paraguay, Dr. Jose Maria Ibanez Benitez, deputy of the National Congress, president of the Foreign Relations Committee of Paraguay, in name of you all I greet all the invited speakers of Israel, Spain, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, United States, and Paraguay, international and national businessmen that are with us today.

I also want to thank the National Congress of Paraguay, sponsor of the Peace Integration Summit, CUMIPAZ 2016.

Good morning. It is an honor for the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace to welcome all of you to this Summit of Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development. It is an event that forms part of the Global Peace Integration Summit - CUMIPAZ 2016.

We thank all of you present for your willingness to join us in this gathering that emerged from the proposals that we received in the Summit of last year (2015) in Chile.

If we are working for the integral peace and happiness of the human being, we cannot forget the economic dimension. It is necessary to also integrate it to our activities, to our studies, and to our proposals for the peace of the human being in harmony with Mother Earth.

All of us here present know the four dimensions of Sustainable Development: the social dimension, the cultural and educational dimension, the environmental dimension, and the economic dimension. From the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace we believe that we will begin to walk in the way of integral peace and happiness of the human being with Mother Earth, when decisions and actions taken by the Governments are carried out with the foundation of ethics and protecting all these dimensions equally; there must be an interconnection, an interrelation among them.

This is why we must break paradigms, analyze the present situations, take the good and get rid of the bad, and rebuild ourselves as a society.

To think in global sustainable development is to take care of our Mother Earth. It is to sow positive values in the hearts of the human beings through education and culture. It is to be responsible political leaders with our priority placed in helping our peoples, in helping the growth and social development with equality, with social justice. It is to create an economic system that builds, that is in harmony with the environment, that helps social necessities, that transforms the productivity in social proactivity, focusing on being so that all can have.

You as businessmen and entrepreneurs, are fundamental pieces in this process. Thank you for accepting to be part of the Peace Integration Summit - CUMIPAZ 2016.

Thank you.